"Life has no meaning but that which you give it
it is a book whose pages are blank
waiting for the pen of experience to leave its mark
and yet, trembling on the edges of vision
are the shadowy words, which,
if read by the pure heart
lead the way to what might be"
Everybody knows what a dragon is Right? 
An enormous, fierce, bloodthirsty creature whose only purpose is to eat virgins and show off the bravery of a Knight who is probably trying to kill it -
A Dragon is much more than that. It is an admirable, intelligent, mysterious creature, a creature around whom legends have grown. Shrouded in mystery the Dragon has become lost in the obscurity of myth
Only those who believe will see
Enter,  if you will, the world of the dragon, explore my home, wander through its rooms, rest awhile in the cool shady places. 
Enter the world of the Dragon
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