As the mist fades you see before you a magnificent castle perched on the banks of a shimmering crystal lake.  

You follow the pathway around the lake until you reach a wide cobblestone courtyard. Directly in front of you is a magnificent flight of steps.  

At the top of the steps is the entrance to the castle and wound around its base, sleeping in the warm sun, is a huge golden dragon 

Surprisingly you feel no fear, and as you quietly approach her she opens her jeweled eyes and raises her head 
"Welcome Friend" she says

"I am the Dragonlady, you need not fear me" 

You climb the steps and stand beside the wonderous beast. 
"I am not afraid Dragon, I have travelled far to see one such as youself" 

"Then you are doubly welcome. Please, enter my home, look around, there are many rooms within and in each room you may find much to interest you. If you tire of this place there is within a portal which will lead you back to the crossroads, from there  you can find your way back to the human world" 

With this the Dragon raises herself up and gently pushes open the great castle door.


 you are listening to "Sun in the Stream" by Enya
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