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Dragon Etiquette

What should you do when a dragon sneezes?

Saying bless you is always good form. Also, you could offer the sneezing dragon a handkerchief. Meanwhile, if the dragon is fire breather, an acid breather, or an other such dragon, you should duck and cover!

How do you greet a dragon?

You greet a dragon much as you would greet a cat. you should start by saying something like, ďHave you eaten?Ē or ďAre you hungry?Ē. Next you should discuss recent meals. You should follow this by commenting on the weather. Finally, you should inquire on the health and happiness of the dragonís family.

What is the difference between the table manners of dragons and the table manners humans?

First of all human table manners are not universal. They differ from culture to culture. The same can be said of dragons. I wish you asked a more specific Question. However, since you are a human let me say this, dragons rarely bother with tables on less they are dining with humans. Dragons dine in one of three positions depending on the formality of the occasion. They are natural stance, standing erect, and reclining. Iím considering writing a book on dragon table manners. When it comes out you can compare it with a book of human table manners.

-Noxema Dragon

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Book Review

The Hobbit......

The Hobbit is an adventure story about a small hobbit who sets out on a difficult journey with a group of homeless dwarves. They encounter wild animals, and fierce creatures. Along the way, Bilbo, the uncomfortable hobbit, has to prove his courage when he saves his friends' life from giant hairy spiders and wood elves. But those are only some of Bilbo's battles......To get the great treasure left behind by the ancient dwarves, Bilbo and his friends must beat the terrible dragon Smaug......

The is a great book for those who like long and exciting stories. It gives the reader a realistic sense of action, with a comical twist. It is the perfect book for adventure seekers with a great imagination.


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Dear Cath,

Dear Cath,

I was wondering what dragons eat. What do they Eat? -Food wise

Dear Food wise,

Dragons pretty much eat anything! Except friends and Family, So ya better make friends with some dragons pretty quick. But Donít worry Dragons love humans. and they think they taste bad -Cath

Dear Cath,

My boy friend just broke up with me what do I do? -Down In the Dumps

Dear Down In t he Dumps,

Donít worry If you really care about him go ahead and Tell him. If not Remember there are plenty of other fish in the Sea. -Cath

Dear Cath,

My Parents Just Got Divorced and Iím really Sad what do I do? -Is It my fault

Dear Is It my fault,

Donít worry! Why in fact my human Translator Katherine has had the same thing happen with her parents. Itís not your fault at all! Donít worry Long after your parents got divorced and you meet cool people! Youíll be kind glad they got divorced. -Cath

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