Just write down the letter of what you think is the correct answer and add up your score at the end. Find out if you're a FoxTrot fanatic, or a FoxTrot flubber. Just so you know, green questions indicate easy, red indicate hard, and yellow indicate in between. Ready? GO!

If you're ready for the answers, click here.

Easy Questions

1)How old is Jason Fox?
A)16 years old
B)14 years old
C)10 years old

2)What is the name of Jason's iguana?

3)How does Paige wear her hair?
B)A ponytail

4)What handicap does Peter's girlfriend Denise have?
A)Impaired vision
B)Impaired hearing
C)Impaired speech

5)What type of creature is the superhero Jason created?

Medium Questions

6)True or false. Jason likes math, science, and Plasma Man comic books.

7)True or false. Andy Fox's pseudonym for her newspaper column is Erma Sanders.

8)True or false. Peter likes eating at McDonald's, especially with Denise.

9)True or false. Quincy is likely to become the Lone Iguana or Iguanoman.

10)True or false. The Foxes have gone to Uncle Ralph's cabin for the past 9 summers.

Hard Questions

11)Fill in the blank. Roger works for _____________

12)Fill in the blank. Paige's teacher is called ______________

13)Fill in the blank._____________ is a nerd who goes to Peter and Paige's school.

14)Fill in the blank. ________________ challenges Jason.

15)Fill in the blank. Peter wants to play the __________________ so he occasionally borrows Steve's.

BONUS QUESTION! (worth 5 extra points)
16)Where do the Foxes live and what is their address?

0-5:Non-FoxTrot fans like you need to get with it!
6-10:You're getting there, buddy!
11-15:Bill Amend would be proud!
16-20:Whoa! You really know your stuff!