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Hello! I am starting a new mailing list to complement the existing Jewel/EDA mailing list. The purpose of the mailing list is to make it easier for the EDAs to get to know one another. Members are encouraged to submit poems, thoughts, etc. to the list. This list will offer the opportunity for EDAs to express things they do not on the main mailing list because they are not completely Jewel-relevant.

PLEASE READ!! The list has now been officially moved to smoe! To sign up send an email to If you want to know more about the list check out the FAQ below!

The member page is up now and contains poetry that has been submitted thus far by list members and links to their homepage/email. This is a great way for you to see what eda-thoughts is all about! Check it out!

Jewel News!

New CD - "Spirit"

On September 16 Jewel completed recording for her new CD titled,"Spirit". The CD will be released in Canada, Europe and the U.S. on November 17, 1998. Asia, Australia, and South America release dates are undertermined at this time but will be revealed in the next few days. Click here to read the lyrics to "Hands", the first single from the CD. The track list for "Spirit" is:

Deep Water
What's Simple is True
Kiss the Flame
Down So Long
Innocence Maintained
Fat Boy
Enter from the East
Life Uncommon
Do You
Absence of Fear

Direct all questions, praises, etc. to Lara. If you need me you can also find me on AOL Instant Messenger as ljruth and I can help you that way as well!