El Chip's Movie Review Page

If you happen to be a regular visitor here, you probably know that Tripod used to have a link to my page saying that it had good page design or something like that. Well, In mid-August of 1999 they took down the link and replaced it with another sample page. So, now, instead of getting 60-100 hits a day, I'm getting about 1 or 2. I figure that it's pretty pointless to spend half an hour to an hour writing a review every time i watch a movie that only a handful of people are going to see. Also, now that I'm in college, I doubt I'll be seeing as many new movies as I used to. Therefore, I've decided to stop adding new reviews. If you would like to view my old reviews, you can click here. My other features (midi files, links, and humor) can be accessed from there. Thank you to all who supported me in the past.

El Chip