There are Links here Mostly to Astrology sites, but soon i will be adding sites for other interests, some that work well with Astrology, Holistic Healing, Herbs, Crafts, etc for any of my friends who want to see what I've been up to lately.



Panplanet - A Wonderful Astrology site with Excellent Articles, the Canopus Academy of Astrology, A FREE Beginners Course and so much more! Linda Reid is warm, witty and just wonderful!

The Zodiac Gazette - Rowena Wall's Witty and very informative site filled with all sorts of great information and has a chat room on Wednesday evenings where you can discuss...guess what...Astrology :)

Festival Mailing List - A great list with many wonderful and friendly Astrologers and a great assortment of topics...this is where I started out. This site will give you info on how to subscribe as well as info on some of the folks that inhabit the list.

WebFest - The educational branch of the Festival family. There are tons of great articles on here from Beginners level to Advanced. It's a real treasure!

The Zodiacal Zephyr - Another amazingly fantastic site. Go have a look!

Starcats - Another amazingly fantastic site. This one done by Claudia Dikinis who has done an excellent job and has many resources on her site. It has just been updated and looks Great!

Astrodienst Online - This is a terrific tool for Astrologers. You can find out the Longitude and Latitude of anywhere in the world, they have a Huge database. And it takes about 5 seconds! You can also get a free Natal Chart here.

Astropro's Cosmic Connections by Tees Reitsma - This is another great site. Here you will find all sorts of Astrological Conferences listed, Lists of Online Mailing Lists, Lists of Astrology related Newsgroups, etc. Don't miss this one!

The Mountain Astrologer - This is the site of the periodical for Astrologers. Other then Organizational periodicals, I believe this is the best one out there.

NCGR - National Council for Geocosmic Research - An Astrology Organization with many chapters and Special Interest Groups. They also give certification exams.

Isar - Another Astrology Org.

AFA - American federation of Astrologers - A lot of information from this Organization, Books, pamphlets, certification, etc.

AFAN - Another Great organization.