Ara cutting her 85th B'day cake.




85th Birthday


The cake of honor.
Darlene Solomon Ray Solomon Duane & Dolly (Roberta) Fite
Milton's daughter Jessica Milton Brittany & Jessica Fite & Jessica Weber
John & Donna's daughter Bonnie Weber Tracy Smith & daughter Ericka Lavona Fite, daughter-in-law of Roberta (Dolly).
Jerl Weber (Buzz). Donna Weber Most of the Noels - Rosie, Tami, Tracy & Robert, Khristina & Ericka.
Buzz & Ray Donna
Ara - 85 years young. AraSpike.jpg (20693 bytes)

Robert & Tracy feeding the troops.    I know that there were more people at the party than what I have here.  If you have pictures that you would like to have included, then please e-mail them to me.

        Thanks,  Cliff Fite