Free Dark Stuff
Here you can find gothic,dark fonts and dark, horror  midis.
All things can be used freely for your homepage!
Be sure to download them.
NEVER link to these files!!!
Do you know where to get new stuff, or do you have new one?
So what the hell, e-mail me!
Gothic and Dark Fonts:
Windows TrueType Fonts
I found this fonts on the net for free.
If somebody thinks its his font,
with his copyright mail me and I will remove it.
Download them and use it on your own homepage!
Unzip the files to your font directory.
(more fonts will follow...) 40kb 8kb 27kb 39kb 15kb 15kb 32kb 50kb 64kb 31kb 27kb 31kb 31kb 39kb 32kb 22kb 35kb 23kb 23kb 10kb 34kb 40kb 53kb 26kb 19kb 13kb 35kb 26kb 23kb 18kb 17kb
Dark Midis:
I found this midis free on the net! Click one of it to play it.
Use the shift-key while you click to download the midi.
You can Use them on your own homepage!
If somebody thinks its his midi,
with his copyright mail me and I will remove it.
(more midis will follow...)
 7th Guest, Theme, 17kb
 Addams Family, Theme, 5kb
 Bach?, 23kb
 Bauhaus - a spy in the cab, 13kb
 Bladerunner, Theme, 54kb
 The Cure, Holy Hour, 19kb
 The Cure, Lullabye, 31kb
 Exorcist!!!, 60kb
 The Fangs, Theme, 18kb
 Funeral March, 18kb
 Ghostbusters! 34kb
 Halloween, 29kb
 Mystique, 5kb
 NIN, Dead Souls, 38kb (my favourite!)
 Outer Limits, Theme, 12kb
 Rosetta Stone, Adrenalin, 49kb
 Spooks, 16kb
 Tales from the Crypt, Theme, 18kb
 The Munsters, Theme, 32kb
 Toccata!!!, 24kb
 Tori Amos, Crucify, 11kb
 Twilight Zone, Theme, 4kb
 Twinpeaks, Theme, 8kb
 X-Files, Theme, 14kb
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