Catholics of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the Great War


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Rev. C.W. MacDonald, P.P.

Summary: 146 enlisted, 16 killed, 30 wounded

ANDREWS, PTE. WALTER,                            25th Bn., C.I. & C.M.G.C.
Son of John & Mary Isabel 
(Strang) Andrews

Bennett, Pte. John V.,                           36th Batt., C.F.A.

BOUTILIER, PTE. JOHN F.,                         25th Bn., C.I.

Broone, Pte. Joseph,                             1st Depot Bn.

Browner, Pte. Joseph,                            R.A.F.

Browner, Pte. Michael,                           1st Depot Bn.

Browner, Pte. John,                              1st Depot Bn.

Buchanan, Pte. Thomas,                           2nd Pioneer Bn.

Burns, Pte. Joseph E.,                           94th Regt.

BOUTILIER, PTE CHARLES P.,                       40th Bn., C.I.
(son of Thomas Peter Boutilier &
Margaret McNeil)
Died 29 Sep 1918.  Buried
Anneux Bristish Cemetery, France

CAMERON, PTE. ALEX. H.,                          2nd Pioneer Bn.

CAMERON, PTE. ALEX.,                             29th Bn., C.I.

Cameron, Gnr. Dan F.,                            84th Batt., C.F.A.

Cameron, Pte. John J.,                           94th Regt.

*Campbell, Pte. Michael L.,                      185th Bn., C.I.

CAMPBELL, PTE. JOHN L.,                          13th Bn., C.I.

Cathcart, Pte. Barnaby,                          94th Bn., C.I.

Clair, Pte. Leo L.,                              no entry

CORBETT, PTE. ANDREW                             185th & 85th Bns., C.I.

Corbett, Pte. James,                             1st Depot Bn.

Corbett, Pte. Fred,                              1st Depot Bn.

Crosby, Pte. Adam,                               64th Bn., C.I.

Crosby, Pte. James,                              94th Bn., C.I.

*Currie, Cpl. Allan,                             64th Bn., C.I.

Day, Pte. Richard M.,                            1st Depot Bn.

Dodd, N.S. Frances,                              R.A.M.C.

Dunn, Pte. Michael B.,                           1st Depot Bn.

*Edwards, Pte. Emanuel J.,                       40th Bn., C.I.

**Edwards, L-Cpl. Dan,                           85th Bn., C.I.

Ellsworth, Gnr. Michael,                         1st Howitzer Batt., C.F.A.

Farrell, Pte. Dan,                               1st Depot Bn.

Farrell, Pte. James,                             no entry

Fortune, Pte. John,                              115th Regt., A.E.F.

*Gallant, Pte. Edward,                           40th Bn., C.I.

Gallant, Pte. Thomas,                            1st Depot Bn.

*Gardner, Pte. Luke,                             85th Bn., C.I.

*Gardner, Pte. Ronald,                           40th Bn., C.I.

Gillis Pte. John,                                1st Depot Bn.

Gillis, Pte. John,                               1st Depot Bn.

Gillis, Pte. Michael A.                          1st Depot Bn.

Gillis, Pte. Peter,                              1st Depot Bn.

Gouthro, Pte. Harry,                             185th Bn., C.I.

Gouthro, Pte. Thomas,                            185th Bn., C.I.

Gouthro, Pte. Alonzo,                            94th Regt.

HALL, PTE. DAN,                                  185th Bn., C.I. 
(Died in Germany, a  prisoner)

Hall, Pte. Raymond,                              94th Bn., C.I.

Johnson, Pte. Joseph,                            36th Batt., C.F.A.

Kennedy, Pte. Freeman,                           94th Regt.

Kennedy, Pte. John,                              94th Regt.

KENNEDY, PTE. NICHOLAS,                          25th Bn., C.I.

Kennedy, Sgt. Thomas, 
promoted from ranks                              94th Regt.

*King, Pte. John,                                85th Bn., C.I.

Laffin, Pte. Augustus,                           1st Depot Bn.

Laffin, Pte. Joseph,                             A.E.F.

*Lambert, Pte. Louis,                            165th Bn., C.I.

*Livingston, Pte. John H.,                       No. 1 Tunnelling Co.

Lockman, Pte. John,                              242nd Bn., C.I.

*Lockman, Pte. Richard,                          25th Bn., C.I.

*Ling, Pte. William,                             40th Bn., C.I.

MARTIN, PTE. NEIL,                               25th Bn., C.I.

Martin, Sailor William,                          British Navy

Mason, Pte. John,                                94th Reg't.

**Mason, Pte. William,                           191st Bn., C.I.

Morrison, Pte. Frank,                            1st Depot Bn.

MacCormick, Pte. Daniel,                         1st Depot Bn.

MacCormick, Spr. Edward V.                       1st Tunnelling Co.

MacCormick, Pte. Hugh,                           1st Depot Bn.

MacCormick, Dvr. Peter,                          Howitzer Batt., C.F.A.

*MacCormick, Pte. Vincent,                       25th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Angus J.,                        64th Bn., C.I.

*MacDonald, Pte. Alex,                           106th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Colin,                           1st Depot Bn.

MacDonald, Pte. Dan S.,                          36th Batt., C.F.A.

MacDonald, Pte. Dan Alex,                        185th Bn., C.I.

*MacDonald, Sgt. Charles J., 
  promoted from ranks                            85th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Edward,                          1st Depot Bn.

MACDONALD, PTE. HUGH,                            R.C.R., C.I.

**MacDonald, Pte. Henry O.,                      40th Bn., C.I.

*MacDonald, Pte. John,                           185th Bn., C.I.

*MacDonald, Pte. John J.,                        15th C.M.G.C.

MacDonald, Pte. James,                           106th Regt.

MacDonald, Pte. Lawrence,                        C.A.M.C.

*MacDougall, Gnr. Angus,                         6th Batt., C.F.A.

MacInnis, Sgt. Dan, 
promoted from ranks                              94th Bn., C.I.

MacInnis, Pte. Dan,                              1st Depot Bn.

*MacIntyre, Pte. Joseph,                         40th Bn., C.I.

*MacIsaac, Pte. Norman,                          165th Bn., C.I.

MacKenzie, Cpl. Angus,                           85th Bn., C.I.

MacKenzie, Pte. Joseph,                          185th Bn., C.I.

MacKinnon, Pte. Neil,                            25th Bn., C.I.

MACKINNON, PTE. JAMES,                           185th Bn., C.I.

MacKeigan, Pte. Wm. H.,                          185th Bn., C.I.

*MacLean, Pte. John J.,                          25th Bn., C.I.

MacLean, Pte. Dan A.,                            85th Bn., C.I.

MacLean, Pte. Dan,                               94th Reg't.

MACLEAN, PTE. EDWARD,                            40th Bn., C.I.

MacLean, Pte. John D.,                           1st Depot Bn.

MacLean, Pte. John F.,                           36th Batt., C.F.A.

MacLean, Pte. Lauchlin J.,                       No. 2 Tunnelling Co.

MacLean, Pte. Michael,                           94th Bn., C.I.

MacLeod, Pte. Archibald,                         1st Depot Bn.

MacMahon, Sgt. John, 
promoted from ranks,                             185th Bn., C.I.

MacMullin, Lauchlin,                             no entry

MacMullin, Pte. Archibald,                       185th Bn., C.I.

MacMullin, Pte. Alex,                            94th Bn., C.I.

MacMullin, Pte. James,                           185th Bn., C.I.

**MacMullin, Pte. Michael,                       191st Bn., C.I.

*MacMullin, Sgt. Neil, 
promoted from ranks,                             185th Bn., C.I. 

*MacNeil, Cpl. Angus,                            25th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Pte. Dan A.,                            40th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Pte. Dan A.,                            2nd Pioneer Bn.

*MacNeil, L-Cpl. Hector,                         185th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Pte. Joseph R.,                         1st Howitzer Batt., C.F.A.

MacNeil, Pte. John J.,                           1st Depot Bn.

MacNeil, Pte. Louis,                             1st Depot Bn. 

MacNeil, N.S.M.B.,                               C.A.M.C.

MACNEIL, PTE. JAMES,                             46th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Cadet Joseph,                           R.A.F.

MacNeil, Pte. Patrick,                           94th Reg't.

MacNeil, Pte. Philip,                           1st Depot Bn.

MacNeil, Spr. Stephen,                          1st Tunnelling Co.

MacPherson, Pte. Anthony,                       64th Bn., C.I.

MacPherson, John,                               185th Bn., C.I.

Nearing, Pte. Francis,                          185th Bn., C.I.

NEARING, PTE. MARK,                             72nd Bn., C.I.

O'Handley, Pte. Dan,                            106th Bn., C.I.

O'Handley, Pte. Joseph,                         94th Regt.

O'Handley, Pte. Lauchlin,                       1st Depot Bn.

O'Handley, Pte. Malcolm,                        94th Bn., C.I.

O'HANDLEY, PTE. PETER,                          8th Bn., C.I.

O'Neil, Pte. John,                              94th Bn., C.I.

*Petrie, Pte. John George,                             
(son of Richard P. Petrie & Agnes O'Brien)      1st Tunnelling Co.

Petrie, Sgt. Peter C., 
promoted from ranks                             R.C.R., C.I.

Saccary, Pte. Charles,                          94th Regt.

Saccary, Pte. Francis,                          94th Regt.

Saccary, Pte. John J.,                          94th Bn., C.I.

Saccary, L-Cpl. Joseph,                         185th Bn., C.I.

Saccary, Pte. Moses,                            85th Bn., C.I.

Sampson, Pte. Harry,                            1st Depot Bn.

Sampson, Pte. Murdock,                          1st Depot Bn.

**Sloan, Spr. James,                            2nd Pioneer Bn.

*Smith, Pte. Wm. J.,                            94th Bn., C.I.

Strong, Pte. William, M.M.,                     2nd Bn., C.I.

Tompkins, Pte. Thomas,                          1st Depot Bn.

Wiseman, Pte. John,                             94th Regt.

WISEMAN, PTE. WILLIAM,                          
Son of John Joseph Wiseman (listed above)
 & Mary Jane Holman   
Killed at Vimy Ridge 9 April 1917               25th Bn., C.I.



Rev. A. MacPherson, P.P.

Summary: 26 enlisted, 2 killed, 2 wounded

Campbell. Pte. Dan N.,                                     no entry

Campbell, Pte. John L.,                                    no entry

*Gillis, Pte. Angus H.,                                    C.R.T.

Gillis, Pte. Francis,                                      375th Aero Squadron, A.E.F.

Gillis, Cpl. H.A.,                                         R.A.F.

Gillis, Pte. John Hugh,                                    C.E.

Gillis, Pte. John Ronald,                                  1st. Div., C.I.

Kennedy, Alexander D.,                                     42nd Engineers, A.E.F.

*MacDonald, John Angus, 
 (mentioned in dispatches),                                A.E.F.

MacDonald, Trooper John W.,                                Military Police

MACDONALD, PTE. NEIL JOHN,                                 40th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, L-Cpl. Ronald A.,                               no entry

MacDonald, Ronald A.,                                      American Navy

MacDonald, William A., (no rank),                          49th Bn., C.I.

MacFarlane, Spr. Angus J.,                                 C.E.

MacLellan, Pte. Alexander,                                 C.F.C.

MACLELLAN, PTE. ARCHIBALD,                                 no entry

MacLellan, Pte. James Alexander,                           15th Reserve Bn., C.I.

MacLellan, Pte. John Archibald,                            C.M.G.C.

MacLellan, Spr. John Daniel,                               C.R.T.

MacLellan, Pte. William,                                   70th Bn., C.I.

MacLeod, Pte. John M.,                                     no entry

MacNeil, Pte. James M.,                                    25th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, L-Cpl. John A.,                                   No.2 Tunnelling Co.

Smith, John James, (no rank),                              A.E.F.



Rev. D.C. MacKay, P.P.

Summary: 29 enlisted, 4 killed, 1 wounded

Beaton, Pte. William,                                     Western Bn., C.I.

Cameron, Pte. Robert,                                     1st Depot Bn.

Campbell, Pte. John F.,                                   3rd R.C.H., C.I.

promoted from ranks                                       85th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Allan J.,                                 1st Depot Bn.

MacDonald, Pte. Angus,                                    85th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Angus A.,                                      1st Depot Bn.

MacDonald, Pte. Colin,                                    21st Alberta Res., C.I.

MacDonald, N.S.C.F.,                                      C.A.M.C.

MacDonald, Pte. Fred,                                     85th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. John Joseph,                              1st Depot Bn.

MacDonald, Pte. John A.,                                  3rd Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Sgt. Ronald,                                   A.E.F.

*MacDonald, Pte. R.,                                      R.C.R., C.I.

MACDOUGALL, SGT. ALEX.,                                   85th Bn.,C.I.

MacDougall, Pte. Roderick,                                1st Depot Bn.

MacDougall, Pte. Ronald,                                  85th Bn., C.I.

MacInnis, Pte. Joseph, C.A.M.C.

MACKENZIE, ANGUS,                                         13th Bn., C.I.

MacKenzie, John A., (no rank),                            85th Bn., C.I.

MacKenzie, Joseph, (no rank),                             26th Bn., C.I.

MacLellan, Pte. James,                                    A.E.F.

MacLellan, Pte. Dan,                                      no entry

MacLellan, Seaman James D.                                no entry

MacLeod, Pte. Duncan,                                     1st Depot Bn.

MacMaster, Pte. Duncan,                                   185th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Spr. W.J.,                                       C.E.

MACNEIL, PTE. CHARLES,                                    185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I.

Walker, Pte. K.J.,                                        1st Depot Bn.


Copyright © Transcribed by Joan Hapeman Somers
30 June 1998