Our Visitors

(Lange Charter Bus)
Some people feel our yard won't
accomodate their larger vehicles and so
they park at the end of our driveway.
(A Visitor's Motorcycle)
The owner of this motorcycle
came all the way from northern Minnesota
just to pick up parts
(Darwin Lillquist's Outfit)
Darwin is one of our good friends
He's another dealer, here in central Minnesota
and we've done business with him for years
(Daggett Truck)
The fellow that drove this truck
stopped by with his wife on 9-20-2001
to drop off tractor parts
(3-pt Truck)
This Truck Company
delivered 3-pt. tractor parts
from another company further away
(Karen Metcalf's Truck & Trailer)
Karen, her husband and grandson
showed up from Murphy, North Carolina, in October of 2001,
to purchase two of our black overo fillies
(Quast Truck)
Quast is a common site
at our business.
They've been delivering to us for years
(The Service Professionals)
Ed Wegschied lives in the next town
He's put in several of our furnaces
helping us update our heating program
(Leef Services)
Located out of Fargo, North Dakota,
they've been supplying us with grease rags & rubber mats for years

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