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Recently (yesterday on August 15) my computer had a hard drive crash. The only thing I could do was get a new hard drive, so all my new files are lost. Unfortunately, I won't have the time to update Evil Dead I/II at this time (college is starting and all), so sorry for this inconvenience!

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Welcome to Bicky's Evil Dead Trilogy Archive!!! I've made major updates and additions to this site, such as moving the site to a new address, and adding archives from Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2.

Check out the new additions:

* Bicky's Evil Dead Trilogy Chat
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* The original ending to Army of Darkness

     WHY do hundreds of thousands of people around the world feel the unexplainable and bizarre urge to watch Bruce? Maybe it's his unceasingly humorous wit or his charming sensitivy towards women (*BS*) or... those manly vibes or... I really don't know - but you've come to the RIGHT place.

     I've got pics, wave files, scripts, and other misc files from EACH film in the Evil Dead Trilogy with MORE to come. How can you beat that?

Army of Darkness is the third part of the Evil Dead Series, and in my opinion - it's the best one! But, if you prefer the more psychological thriller, Evil Dead 2 is for you. The three-part trilogy has been very popular all over the world - and if you don't know why, then obviously you haven't watched it yet! Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 just recently came out to buy on video, so get out and see it! Please?

If you have any Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, or BRUCE sites you want added to the links page, please send me an e-mail. Comments and suggestions are always welcome! I can always use more Bruce pics and/or wave files, so feel free to send them.

You can also e-mail Bruce Campbell personally, but he only asks that you limit your e-mails to one question per e-mail! He's a busy guy, so respect that! BRUCE'S E-MAIL.

Many people have asked if they could add a link to my page on their page. Hey, I have no problem with that!!! You can splatter my link anywhere on the net. I will provide images shortly so you can link to this page.

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