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Welcome to Mind's Eye Creations. Feel free to browse the collection of graphics.

I use them often for backgrounds and wallpaper. I also created the following site; you may want to visit it as an example of these graphics in action:
The Mother's Torch

The graphics on this site are available for you to download and use for free. They may be altered for maximum viewing efficiency, ie lighten, darken, etc.

If you do use one of my backgrounds, I ask that you download the graphic, rather than link directly to the graphic itself. I also ask that you download the small logo at the bottom of the page to use as a link to this site.
Thank you!

If you don't see what you need,
let me know.
I can create sets for any background here, if you don't find a set that meets your needs. And hey -- if you use a background, I'd love to see your page as well!

Mind's Eye Creations by Susanna copyright 1998

Updated Nov. 27, 2000

Graphics created
by Susanna with
TeraLogic Texture Maker

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