DWG International introduced a revolutionary product in 1991 that forever changed the way that we cleaned our vehicles.   DRIWASH 'n GUARD(R) is a product that literally cleans, seals, polishes, and protects your car without using a single drop of water.

Since that time, many companies have tried to emulate this concept but none have even come close to the superior performance offered by this great product. This product has been winning awards world wide for the outstanding qualities it provides to a vehicles's finish.

Since the introduction of this waterless technology, DWG International  has added several other products to its car care line in addition to expanding into other areas.  They now offer several products that not only include car care but products for the home, and skin care.   I invite you to take a look at these oustanding products for yourself.

We have also expanded our product line to include Xtreme detailing and Meguiar's products. These products range from the do it yourself products to a full range of products used by professional detailers and auto dealerships.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to give us a call at (866) 4EZ-WASH or drop us an e-mail.

Now, take a look at these unique and exclusive products! (click on pictures for product info)

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