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The Fantasy Fair Story
Not so very long ago, in a quiet little village, there once lived a remarkable old man known as Professor 'Magination.  The Professor was amazingly inventive making the most wonderful things from bits of wood, broken drums, rusty pipes and strings of wire.
As the Professor worked building marvellous buildings and exciting rides, the creatures of the woods became very curious and soon were helping the Professor with his work.  Three animals in particular became the Professor's friends: a shy racoon named Dreamer, a silly bear called Funner and a very busy dog named Doer.
The Professor soon had more assistants, for all the banging and clanging had attracted the interest and help of the Hapners.  The Hapners are little people that are almost never seen but are everywhere.  They make mountains grow, rivers run and rainbows stretch across the sky.

It was not long before the village was transformed into a fantastic place of fun, magic and imagination.  The villagers were so pleased they named it Fantasy Fair and appointed the Professor as the Mayor.  To this day you will find the Professor and all his friends, Dreamer, Funner and Doer happily going about their work.  And, if you look carefully, you may even see a Hapner or two helping Fantasy Fair to be the most magical place in the land.