The Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Address: Sekip Utara, Yogyakarta 55281
Phone: +62-274-543120; Fax: +62-274-543120; e-mail: march@ugm.ac.id




A. Bachelor degree (B.S.Pharm)
There are 2 programmes set up in the Faculty of Pharmacy GMU i.e.:
1) Pharmacy with 2 concentrations: Science and Industrial Pharmacy, and Community and Clinical Pharmacy., and
2) Natural Product Pharmacy.

B. Professional degree (pharmacist/apotheker)


Curriculum is designed in 2 steps pharmacy education, the scientifical education (S-1 / equal to Bachelor Science in Pharmacy) and the professional education (pharmacist). The S-1 degree (under-graduate) requires at least 144 semester hours, which may take 8 semesters. There are 2 optionals for the S-1 (option 1: Community and Clinical Pharmacy; option 2: Science and Industrial Pharmacy). Students can choose this option in the 4th semester. The S-1 degree requires a thesis. The pharmacist degree requires at least 33 semester hours that may take 2 semesters. The on the job training in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, and pharmacy shops are included.


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