Parasite Eve

[parasite eve: time rift]

This is the first fanfic that Travis ( )
is writting for PE. I hope to bring the story to you chapter by chapter.
It's one hell of a plot. Want a sample? Or how about an overview?
Here's a taste:

Eve is gone. The Ultimate Being destroyed. Maya finally at rest.
The city is back to normal. Everything seems okay til the fateful
day that Wayne starts to hear something. He then sees someone who
died days earlier. Ben sees his mother at Central Park, but is it his
mother? Aya is put to the test again with her mitochondria powers.
This time she must find and destroy the thing that is causeing dead
people to come back.

Once the evil is destroyed will the dead people stay or will they
die again? But will she do it? Her family is reunited after years of
being apart. Does she have the will to destroy her family?

On to the story.