FFT Battle Music Project
FFT Battle Music Project

UPDATE 8/7/01! SQUAREMUSIC RADIO HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! My new radio station is now on the air. I am still putting music on it, but for now it has a 73 song playlist. If you have a 28.8 modem or faster you can listen!Squaresoft music Radio! Click to listen! (requires a small download of the Live365 player).

Congrats! You've reached the site with exclusive MIDI files from FFTactics. The FFTBMP was created to create MID's for the excellent music found within the game. So enjoy your visit and the great music in MID format.

I updated the Riovanes Castle MIDI to better reflect the song. It sounds 3 times better now. Go check it out! Plus I also changed around Gariland Magic City and Zaland Fort City to better reflect the songs as well.

The FF9 MIDI Project!! My latest transcription project. Check it out! Constantly updated and submitted to rpgamer.com!

Just to keep you informed, I am still working a bit on transcription, and I recently had a writing job for a company in Singapore. I am back to tracking FF9 MID's and I hopefully am going to do a few more FFT MIDIs as well. I'll do requests only, as I'm not sure what song I should go ahead and track. You'll be happy to know, however, that I am working on a new site, Jeff's original game music showcase, which will feature my music and give you programmers out there the opportunity to recruit me to write music for your games! It will continually have more music, including my latest pieces, but for now there are only a few.

Please sign my guestbook. I don't know how much e-mail I've been missing but I have had a different e-mail for 4 months now. I'm also in the process of getting back to a few people that have signed my guestbook. You all are great and I hope you're doing well!

Also, I have been a guest host on WCJM internet radio @ WCJM.com. I have been on their last few shows and am now a member of the full cast. Coming soon! My own Video Game Music show - this August. I hope that soon I'll get to run some of my music on the show for everyone on the internet to listen too!

Squaresoft music radio is now on the air! Listen to the station without leaving this page by clicking here! WCJM Internet Radio will be going there too in the near future, paving the way for potential live broadcasts. The VG Music show on WCJM is tentatively scheduled to be recorded for August 17th, which means by the end of August you can listen to my very own show of my favorite VG songs.

Be sure to sign my new Guestworld Guestbook!

FFT Battle Musics (In MID format)

Sweegy Woods <In Stereo>
(Modified 5/18/98) Fast paced, well orchestrated
Colliery Underground (Floor 2) <In Stereo>
(Modified 5/5/98) Nice and well orchestrated. Good use of MID patches
Bervenia Free City
This one is still buggy, but you'll get an idea
Dorter Trade City <In Stereo>
(Modified 5/8/98) Excellent. The drums fit in well with this song
Mandalia Plains <In Stereo>
(Modified 1/10/01) Now emphasizing the driving part of the song. Very good
Mandalia Plains <In Stereo>
Same as above - minus the Sustain Pedal (solves problem with file above).
Zaland Fort City <In Stereo>
(Modified 8/2/01) - Authentic to the game. Excellent
Gariland Magic City <In Stereo>
(Modified 8/2/01) - Very close to finalized. Sounds excellent!
Inside Riovanes Castle <In Stereo>
(Modified 7/26/01) - Excellent. Very creepy and well orchestrated
North Wall Bethla Garrison <In Stereo>
(Created 5/12/98) - One of my better files. Sounds excellent!
Golgorand Execution Site <In Stereo>
(Modified 1/10/01) - 12 tracks of excellent music.
Germinas Peak
(Modified 5/30/98) - Great sounding file. Very fast
Poeskas Lake <In Stereo>
(Created 5/30/98 - update coming soon!) Like the game, very spooky indeed!
Zodiac Boss Music <In Stereo>
The theme

FFTBMP Cut Scene Transcriptions

Alazlam's Theme
(Created 5/27/98) The music you hear during the introduction and input of Ramza's name
Meeting with Algus <In Stereo>
(Created 1/10/01) Music you first hear when you save Algus on Mandalia Plains
Dining with Dycedarg <In Stereo>
(Created 1/9/01) Music you hear in Igros when you talk to Dycedarg the first time.
Capture Ovelia! <In Stereo>
(Created 1/11/01) Music you hear when Gaf and Dyce plot Ovelia's kidnapping
Attack at Orbonne! <In Stereo>
(Created 6/12/98) Music you hear just before the intro fight
Death Corps Interrogation <In Stereo>
(Modified 6/28/98) Music you hear after Dorter Trade City battle
Ovelia's Worries <In Stereo>
(Created 6/16/98) Music you hear on your way to Lionel
Return to Life <In Stereo>
(Created 6/28/98) The music you hear when Malak is revived
Alma's Theme <In Stereo>
(Created 2/14/01) The music you hear in some of Alma's cut scenes

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