Hi, my name is Ned. I am now 9 years and weight 19 lbs . Below is a story about my life when I first came to live with mom and Alex.

I came to live with Mom when I was about 10 month old. It didn't take me long to figure out that I had found the purrfect home. I get to do just about anything I want! Like steal q-tips from Mom's bathroom and I even can make her get up at 4:30 in the morning on weekends to feed me or play ball. I think that I have her pretty well trained-don't you?!(he-he-he-)

Then one day, Mom decided that I was lonely and needed some company. I was alone all day while she was at work but she never ask me how I felt. Instead she waltzed in carrying this big box, that I just knew had to be a present for me. To my surprise there was this big eared, little brat inside that she was calling Alex. Well, needless to say I was furious!! How dare she--MY MOM--bring that little brat into MY house!! Of course, I was going to show him right off the bat just who's King around here. I hissed--I spit--I growled at him--I even tried to chase him away. It was fruitless!! He wasn't going to leave. It was then that I realized, I was going to be the one who had to give in or he would get all of the attention.

To make a long story short, Alex and I have become the best of buddies. I have even learned to like him--big ears and all (he-he-he) except those times when he's nipping at my ears, yanking at my tail and chewing on my butt. It's those times when I still have to put my paw down and show him who the boss is around here. All things considered though, I am so happy to have My Mom and Alex in my life.

My brofur Alex crossed over the Bridge in April 2005. I still miss him very much. Meowmie got another brofur for me in May 2005, now we are becoming buddies, although, he can be a pain in my butt at times too!!

Mom says I'm so sweet I carry my heart on my back....I guess she's right!

Alex and I like to sleep together. But I still get mad when he bites me in the butt!!!

I try to take care of Alex, so he stays out of trouble!!

For some reason Moms water tastes better than mine!!

What a hard day...taking care of Alex is alot of work!!!

Sometimes watching those birdies just puts me to sleep!!!

The above pictures are me today...I'm now 9 yrs old!