Standing ovation for the return of

Crom's humor!

Posted by NightStar of the Clan MacStar on January 04, 1997 at 17:15:47:
In Reply to: The Top Ten Rejected Titles For Highlander 4 posted by Crom on January 04, 1997 at 14:37:07:
Crom, oh dear Crom your sense of humor has returned and in fine form it is! Even if you are poking fun at my clan with your number 1 Title I applaud  the humor and effort applied here! I *know* you are not poking fun at our newest Clan-ette EveningStar herself, she is to tender a soul to attack
as such (remember KimZ???). Oh how I have waited for one of these.

I do like the direct approach to our self proclaimed "judge" too! NightStar's sides are splitting laughing at this one -->: 5) What's The Deal With Silverore?

: 1) The Evening Stars (all of us or only specific ones???)

Come back into chat again real soon too!


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