The Golden Quincy Award

January, 1998

The Golden Quincy Award is awarded each month to the FoxTrot fan voted to have the coolest FoxTrot site of the bunch. Usually, it takes something really, really butt kickin' to get this coveted award, like an animated GIF of Jason throwing stuff at Paige. (That, by the way, would be cool.) To vote for your favorite site (and I do mean your favorite. It can be yours, or mine! hint, hint...), mail me! Oh, and if some site is so cool, and it deserves to be nominated, like, two months in a row, go for it! Heck, no one said the Bulls couldn't play one year because they won the last! Thanks for your time...

This month's winner of the Golden Quincy Award is Mr. John Morgan. He's been around for as long as I can remember, so you know he's a big fan. Some of the sights you'll see on his site are an exerpt of Jason's Christmas List, a news bulliten (granted, it's kinda empty, but things will pick up), a constantly updated list of Friends & Enemies from the Discussion board, and a FoxTrot strobelight to greet you as you walk in. Now come on! You can't beat a flashing FOXTROT! Congrats, Mr. Morgan, and keep up the good work

To view this month's Golden Quincy Award winner, click here!!!