Welcome to my page on the talented actor Adam Beach. He has been in such films as Smoke Signals and Flags of Our Father. He is one of Canada's greatest actors and I hope this page can spread the word to others who may not have come across his great acting and charm. Please sign the guestbook and let me know you were here. Join the mailinglists!

FEBRUARY 20, 2007

Adam Beach will be on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos tonight at 11pm on CBC.

In the interview he talks about working with Eastwood, stereotypes in Hollywood, and turning down crap movies.

Once the interview airs on TV it will be posted online here: http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/video.php?id=1400

Adam Beach was on The Diary Of... on MTV Canada February 13, 2007. Watch for reruns!

Viewers can find what channel MTV is on in their area by visiting MTV.ca

Oh, and I think he's also joined the cast or guest staring on Law and Order: SVU... check it out!


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