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Petunia-Daisy Frisbee Dog
P etunia-Daisy is an ACTIVE 5 year old border collie. She was born April 3, 1995 to Christa Belle and Bandit in Westminster Maryland and given the name of Petey by her breeder family because she looked like Petey from the Little Rascals.

The Birth Family
H er new owners decided to use the phonetic sound of her birth name as her nickname and use the letters PD, short for what she is now known by as Petunia-Daisy. (Sometimes we even add trouble to her name)

Petunia Loves Frisbee
P etunia-Daisy LOVES frisbee discs. She expressed an interest in FrisbeeŽ Discs at about 2 months of age when she received her first soft Flippy Flyer. These discs are great for puppies because they are not hard. Made from nylon and rope, a puppy learns that the FrisbeeŽ Disc game can be fun without getting hurt and no tender puppy teeth get knocked out. She began using Fastback FrisbeeŽ discs at the age of 8 months and immediately demonstrated her love of flipping for the FrisbeeŽ Disc.

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