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     Welcome to the FRISBEE® Disc Dog WebRing. We hope you enjoy your stay and maybe even decide to join our ring if you are a FRISBEE® Disc dog or your human enjoys the exercise.

     If you decide to join, we do ask that you at least enjoy the sport of FRISBEE® Disc and and have something to contribute to our ring. We also ask that your site be specifically about the sport of FRISBEE® Disc and is appropriate for all audiences. (G rated).

     As a member of the FRISBEE® Disc Dog WebRing an image of your FRISBEE® Disc Dog will be included in the Example 1 FRISBEE® Disc Dog WebRing Navgation bar animated image. These images are seen on all FRISBEE® Disc Dog WebRing Sites using the Example 1 Navigation Bar shown below.

This FRISBEE® Dog WebRing site is owned by YOUR_NAME_HERE.
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     What is a WebRing? A WebRing is an easy way to "link" together sites of a similar nature. Each site in a WebRing contains a navigation bar similar to the one below. That navigation bar allows visitors to navigate through the various sites that belong to that WebRing. There are currently over 33,000 different WebRings in existence. The group that supports the WebRing data engine is located at http://www.webring.com. They do not ask for any fees nor do they require you to advertise anything on your page. The only requirement is that you use one of the navigation bars created by this ring's WebRing Master. Suggestions and Navigation Bar designs are accepted. If your navigation concept is accepted, it will be placed on the membership page for use by other members.

     Please feel free to Email the WebRing master if you have any questions or concerns.

This FRISBEE® Disc Dog WebRing Site is owned by the WebRing Master
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