Throughout the course of Universal Destiny there were hundreds of characters, some more important than others, but each and almost everyone critical to the storyline. The main ten characters are based upon real people of the world, where the characters personality, their humor, their bad mouthing, and of course where their stupidity come from.

The author of Universal Destiny is of course Toufu Vang, who is one of the main characters, if you wanna know a secret about what happens to him in the end, then just look really close way at the bottom. ^_^ Well some of the human counterparts were also co-authors, and had almost complete control over their dialouge keeping the story true and exactly like if it were real.

I hope that after I finish writing it up, that it might become a manga, or anime even. Here's the character database. Major characters first, in order of appearence, and then Minor.

Image Map