Carl Wilson Concert--April 13, 1981

Carl Wilson
The Bottom Line, NY
April 13, 1981

This concert was broadcast on WNEW-FM and included two songs sung by Myrna Smith: Pat Benatar's "Treat Me Right" and "I'm Not Dreaming", of unknown origin. There is a bootleg out there that claims to be this concert, but whether it really is is unknown; the two Myrna Smith songs are not featured on the bootleg.

Main Vocalist:

Carl Wilson

Backup band:

Myrna Smith
Billy Hinsche
John Daly
Gerald Johnson
Alan Krigger


1. It's Not Too Early To Tell
2. Bright Lights
3. What You Gonna Do About Me?
4. Long Promised Road
5. Hurry Love
6. The Grammy
7. Heaven
8. Treat Me Right (Myrna Smith)
9. I'm Not Dreaming (Myrna Smith)
10. Hold Me
11. The Right Lane
12. I Thank You

Contributed by: STE, additional info B. Roth

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