Beach Boys Concert--July 31, 1994

Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, CA
July 31, 1994

My first Beach Boys concert. Unfortunately I was sitting behind them. This was the last full concert the Beach Boys did in San Diego. There were still signs of creativity in the setlist, and the songs weren't yet "glued" into place as they came to be in the late 90's. A more than respectable concert, soundwise.

Archive update (12/1/05): Thanks to C-Man and Rob Shepherd, I was able to get a copy of this concert on tape. I was reminded by the tape that a special RIAA award was presented to the band right before the concert began, recognizing the gold status of the "Good Vibrations" boxed set, released the year before. Special thanks to C-Man and Rob Shepherd. I also learned that "In My Room", "Surfin' Safari", "Kokomo", "Wipeout", and "Darlin" were misplaced on my "from memory" setlist. This is a great example of why I hesitate to post "from memory" setlists...and I wrote it down that same night, too! Oftentimes, we think we remember things accurately, but memories can become altered over time, especially after a few years!

Beach Boys present:

Mike Love
Bruce Johnston
Carl Wilson
Al Jardine

Backup band included:

Mike Kowalski
John Stamos
Billy Hinsche
Matt Jardine
Ed Carter?


1. California Girls
2. Do It Again
3. Catch A Wave
4. Hawaii
5. Be True To Your School
6. Come Go With Me
7. Rock'n'Roll Music
8. Do You Wanna Dance
9. In My Room
10. Darlin'
11. Under The Boardwalk
12. Little Deuce Coupe
13. 409
14. Shut Down
15. I Get Around
16. Forever (John Stamos, in a lower key)
17. Surfer Girl
18. Don't Worry Baby
19. God Only Knows
20. Sloop John B
21. Wouldn't It Be Nice
22. California Dreamin'
23. Summer In Paradise
24. Good Vibrations
25. Kokomo
26. All Summer Long
27. Help Me, Rhonda
28. Wipeout (Billy Hinsche)
29. Surfin' Safari
30. Surf City
31. Surfin' USA

32. Barbara Ann
33. Fun Fun Fun

Contributed by: Myself (Eric Aniversario), correction C-Man & Rob Shepherd

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