Brian Wilson Concert--September 7, 1995

Brian Wilson
Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, New York, NY
September 7, 1995

A short concert to promote the film and soundtrack "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times". The contributor writes about "Do It Again" being performed twice: "Brian was not happy with the audience hand claps the first time around. He thought they were too fast and did it again telling them to `Clap like it's the slowest song you know.'"

Main Vocalist:

Brian Wilson

Backup band included:

Brian Wilson (Grand Piano)
Paul Shaffer (Keyboards)
Don Was (Bass)
Billy West (Guitar/Sound Effects)
Jonathan Paley (Guitar)
Andy Paley (Guitar)
Richard X. Heyman (Drums)


1. California Girls
2. The Warmth Of The Sun
3. God Only Knows
4. Do It Again
5. Do it Again
6. 409

Contributed by: Mark Naylor, Christopher Kouzes (personnel information)

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