Beach Boys' Mainstay Alan Jardine

Alan Jardine, though clearly the "fifth" Beach Boy, has proven to be a mainstay over the decades. In the group since its inception in 1961, (with a short one-year break from '62 to '63), Al has proven himself worthy of the title of "Beach Boy." Al has sung lead on numerous Beach Boys songs, including the #1 hit "Help Me Rhonda" & the worldwide smash "Cotton Fields", as well as tracks such as "Lady Lynda", "Come Go With Me", "Peggy Sue", "Then I Kissed Her", and "Honkin' Down The Highway." Al produced the 1978 "MIU Album", and co-wrote the three-part "California Saga" that appeared on 1973's "Holland." Recently, Al has been touring with a new ensemble featuring his sons, called Beach Boys Family & Friends.

Al performing on stage, circa 1995

Al with a cat, circa 1975

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Al performing on stage, circa 1979

Al with his guitar, circa 1966

Al on stage, circa 1996