Brian Wilson--The Man Behind The Music

Brian Wilson, long heralded as the "genius" of the Beach Boys wrote and produced much of the Beach Boys' material from 1961 to 1968. Brian has never toured regularly with the group since 1965, but has appeared at various concerts over the years. Brian has survived many tragedies throughout his life, including a period of mental illness during the '70's, the premature deaths of his brothers (and fellow Beach Boys) Dennis and Carl. His critically lauded solo career recently culminated in the recent release of a new solo album, "Imagination". Brian's lead vocals over the years have included "Surfer Girl", "Don't Worry Baby", "Caroline No", and "Be Here In The Morning."

Brian, circa 1998

Brian, circa 1967

Brian, circa 1979

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Brian, circa 1966

Brian's cover photo for his self-titled 1988 solo album

Brian, circa 1966