The Sixth Beach Boy, Bruce Johnston

Bruce Johnston joined the Beach Boys in 1965, three and a half years after the group's inception. Already known for his collaborations with Terry Melcher on various surf records, as well as his solo albums "Surfin' Round The World" and "Surfers' Pajama Party", Bruce proved to be an excellent choice to be Brian's on-stage replacement. Bruce began contributing more and more to the group's albums as his tenure and status grew steadier. His lead vocals include "Disney Girls", "Slow Summer Dancin'", "Deirdre", and "At My Window". He also wrote and produced the songs "The Nearest Faraway Place" and the #1 Hit for another artist "I Write The Songs". Bruce quit the group in 1972, only to return in 1979, and has toured and collaborated with the group ever since.

Bruce in the early '80's (?)

Bruce in the early '90's

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Bruce on stage at a U.K. concert in 1993

Bruce during the Pet Sounds era, circa 1966

Bruce on stage, circa 1996