The Late Great Carl Wilson


Carl contributed many lead vocals to the Beach Boys albums over the years, and made their four-part harmonies even fuller. Carl produced the live shows from the early 1970's on, and toured valiantly through 1997 despite an illness. Carl's lead vocals include the ever-popular "Good Vibrations", the fan favorite "God Only Knows", "Darlin'", "Trader", "I Can Hear Music", "Girl Don't Tell Me", "Long Promised Road", "Good Timin'", "Full Sail", "Breakaway", "Keepin' The Summer Alive", and countless others. Carl will be missed by all true Beach Boys fans.

Used by permission, 6/16/98.

Carl on stage, circa 1979

Carl, circa 1990

Carl, circa 1973?

Carl Wilson solo album publicity photo, circa 1981

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