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If you know me personally, and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me your current URL. If for some reason the graphic next to someone's name doesn't show up, either re-load the page or click on the person's name to go their page.

Friend's Name Go To Their Page!!

Ben Leong

Like chickens?? Visit this page!!!

Denise Cervantes

She taught me how to make web visit her page!!!

Ellen Kuo

An interesting page...

Eric Aniversario

My beautiful, finely-crafted homepage.

James Chen

A nice looking page with lots of cool still animation.

Nikki Tran

Poetry and an odd selection of pictures...

Raoul Apodaca

Hopelessly outdated, but Raoul's my good friend, so I'll give him this plug.

Reena Cabasa

Now entering its third year with nothing on it, this page is still in its first ten seconds of its big bang period. But we still love you, Reena! :-)

Roy Leong

An obsession with penguins is revealed to the world on this page.

Steve Shen

A recently updated and very professional looking page.

Victor Shih

A great and very professional looking page, with plenty of pictures of friends.
Hear his high school rock band by clicking on the logo on the second page!

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