Contributing A Setlist to Eric's Beach Boys Setlist Archive

Guidelines for Contributing to
Eric's Beach Boys Setlist Archive

A note from the archive owner:

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the quickly growing Beach Boys' Setlist Archive!! These guidelines are here to make your contribution to the archive as easy, quick and efficient as possible for both you, the contributor, and me, the archive owner. Following these guidelines will help me get your setlist posted as quickly as possible. Having taken over 400 posts from hundreds of different contributors over just two years’ time, I can say that being a setlist archive owner, especially for a touring band as prolific as the Beach Boys, is a very time-consuming endeavor. However, I have come up with some simple guidelines to help streamline the process, and have the following suggestions:

A. Before you type and send your setlist, please make sure the setlist is postable. That is, make sure that you have at least the venue, a reasonably accurate date, and a complete and correctly ordered setlist. If you are missing any one of these items, or are unsure of any one of them, please inquire before sending the setlist to make sure it's postable.

B. Proper e-mail format. Please place the venue and date in the subject header for easy reference from my inbox. Please don’t label the message anything vague like “more setlists”, or “for eric”. For filing purposes, please include only ONE setlist per e-mail. Taking these steps will help in the future if I need to access the original e-mail.

C. Include details about who was there. In the body of the e-mail, please include information about which of the Beach Boys were present, or at least your best recollection or guess. Also, if possible, list the backup personnel that you ARE SURE were present. (Please don’t just copy and paste the regular personnel of the era if you are unsure--they may or may not have been at this particular show). If you are unsure of the backup personnel, it’s OK to list “unknown”.

D. Proper setlist enumeration. I like to keep the setlist posting format fairly uniform. When contributors use different formats, time is spent unnecessarily converting to the universal format. Using the following universal format will make it easier for me to copy and paste, and to post your setlist. Here’s an example of good format:

26. Surfin’ Safari
27. Surf City
28. Surfin’ USA

29. Barbara Ann
30. Fun Fun Fun

Here’s an example of format that is very difficult to edit:

7.) “Surfer Girl”
9.....Medley: LDC, 409, LOL, SD, IGA
10.() “ Be tarue to you’re school””

11. “GOK”
12.)come and go with me

Please refrain from using excess punctuation and quotation marks. The number, a period, a space and the song, with capital letters for each first letter of each word will suffice. Also please refrain from using abbreviations (ex. DIA, IGA), using ALL CAPS, using incorrect titles, and putting more than one song on each line. Formatting details like these, while they seem minor, become very tedious when there are 30 setlists backlogged. However, don’t let this formatting stuff stop you from sending setlists in! Don’t feel like it has to be perfect before you send it in, just try to do your best to make it as close to format as possible. These are guidelines to make the process go by faster, not restrictions that will cause me to reject your setlist! :-)

E. If you like, send a review. Or just some comments. But please know beforehand that not everything that is sent to me gets posted. There are three criteria I use to judge whether something is worth posting or not:

1) Is it written in a fashion that is easily understandable and readable?

2) Does it offer something unique or interesting that has not been covered before?

3) How big is the setlist backlog right now?

Per #2, examples of comments that are not unique enough: "Mike teased the audience about not doing the car songs tonight, but they did, in fact they did five in a row! I Get Around was great, Mike Love sang lead. Later, Adrian Baker sang lead on "Don't Worry Baby". Best of all, they saved the best for encore of "Barbara Ann" and "Fun Fun Fun", right next to each other!" Examples of unique commentary follow: "Bruce mentioned that Brian would be coming to town in a couple of weeks. Mike seemed to really enjoy singing the doo-wop songs. The audience went wild for "I Can Hear Music" but had a tepid response to "Heroes & Villains"...Mike commented on the local zoo."

E. Sit tight; your setlist will be posted. Under most circumstances, setlists that I receive are posted within a week, and a large portion of those are posted within a day or two. However, if I receive a deluge of 30 or 40 setlists from a new and zealous contributor (which has happened) it will take longer. Large contributions are definitely appreciated because they add to the archive, but please know that there may be a delay under these circumstances, and that probably like you, I do have many other things going on in real life. But rest assured, it will get posted unless there is a problem with it, in which case I will definitely contact you. Every postable setlist that has been received in the past has been posted or will be posted shortly. Oh, and yes, everyone gets full credit on the setlist page for their contribution.

A quick note about incomplete or incorrectly ordered setlists. If you have a setlist that is incomplete, or which has a running order that you are not completely sure of, it still may be postable. Please let me know the venue and date, and how you put together your "best guess". If it is from an under-represented era, and you are feel that it is about 90% accurate, it is probably worth posting, just to get more information about that era. However, if the concert is from an already well-represented era, and you just feel vaguely that it was "probably similar" to others of the era, with no further detail, it is probably not worth posting. In any case, let me know about the venue, date, and source of the "best guess" before taking the time out to send a list to prevent wasted time on your part.

OK, after all that...ready to send me one? Click on "e-mail me" below. I'm definitely eager to hear from you!

Thanks again for helping the Beach Boys Setlist Archive grow!!

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