How I Got Into The Beach Boys


Growing up, I was very into top 40 music. As an eight-year old, I would listen to the Rick Dees' Weekly top 40 countdown every week, and write it down and keep track of it. I always wanted to know what was new in pop music. My interest waned for a while until 1988, when I began keeping track of the top 40 again, writing it down every week for the next five years. Getting up at 6:00 am to listen to the countdown, buying hundreds of cassette singles, new music was the soundtrack to my junior high and high school years. However, in my junior year, I started to grow tired of new music, particularly the new breeds of alternative and R&B that were coming out. Pop seemed to die out as a musical genre, and I experimented with new radio stations: country, jazz, and finally OLDIES. A few songs stood out to me as ones that particularly exciting, and one group stood out: the BEACH BOYS. I bought "The Absolute Best Vol. 1" on CD, and that was soon followed up by "The Absolute Best Vol. 2" on Christmas of 1991. I was intrigued by the different types of music that the Beach Boys did...songs like "Bluebirds Over The Mountain", "Cotton Fields", and "Wild Honey"...this wasn't your regular Beach Boys "let's go surfin'" fare. The next thing I knew, I was collecting like a madman, obtaining every obscure and out-of-print CD's I could. The Beach Boys had tried EVERYTHING: pop, rock, country, gospel, R&B, surf, easy listening, adult contemporary, hard rock, psychedelic, rap, mariachi, and even fairy tale music...and it ALL worked!!! They sang in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish...with great results!!! And they sang about every conceiveable issue you could think of, with success. With their unmatchable four-part harmonies, great songwriting, and relentless touring, the Beach Boys had won my heart, and have been my main musical interest ever since.

My gratitude goes out to the Beach Boys


Carl Wilson

("God Only Knows","Good Vibrations","Darlin")

Dennis Wilson

("Do You Wanna Dance","Little Bird","River Song")

Brian Wilson

("Don't Worry Baby","Caroline No","Wouldn't It Be Nice")

Mike Love

("Little Deuce Coupe","I Get Around","California Girls")

Al Jardine

("Help Me Rhonda","Cottonfields","Lady Lynda")

Bruce Johnston

("Disney Girls","Tears In The Morning","I Write The Songs")


Ricky Fataar
("Here She Comes")

Blondie Chaplin
("Leaving This Town","Sail On Sailor")

Glen Campbell
("Guess I'm Dumb")

David Marks
1962-63, 1998-99
("Do You Wanna Dance" [live version])


Matthew Jardine

Jeff Foskett

Billy Hinsche

Ed Carter

Bobby Figueroa

John Stamos

Mike Kowalski

and more...

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