Surfer Girl


My rating: ***

This album is great! Four great radio hits, the perennial "Surfer Girl", the bowl-you-over "Catch A Wave", the beautiful "In My Room", and the zippy "Little Deuce Coupe", and some killer album tracks, "Hawaii", "Your Summer Dream", and "Our Car Club", make this a power-packed package. There is a LOT more of the four-part harmony that made the Boys famous as compared to the two previous albums, thus making the Beach Boys' "sound" more well-defined to the group as well as to the public. Even the weaker tracks such as the Dennis-sung "Surfer's Rule" and "South Bay Surfer" are irresistible. Two instrumentals, "The Rocking Surfer" and "Boogie Woodie" prove to be booty-shakers as well.

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