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These astronomy pictures were taken with my 4½" telescope and a CCD TV
camera connected to a Snappy computer interface and connected to my computer.
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Sun & Moon Photos taken JAN 27, 2007 with the new Orion Color Imaging Camera II
My setup at the SMV
My telescope, CCD, & projector setup with the moon projected live on an 8' screen.
Sun photo taken with my P.S.T. on 06/25/05
The Sun - 06/25/05 1828 UT
(Photo taken from my back deck with my Personal Sun Telescope)

Christmas Day eclipse 12:47pm 12/25/00
Christmas Day eclipse 12:47 12/25/00 Richmond, VA
The prominse on the lower left exrends out 20,000+ miles!
I took this photo through a 3" refractor telescope stopped down to
2" with a hydrogen/alpha filter attached allowing the prominces to be seen.
Join us at a meeting of RAS Richmond Astronomical Society on the 2nd Monday of every month 7:30pm in the
Sience Museum of Virginia, IMAX Theatre and at SkyWatch every third
Friday evening on the front lawn of the Science Museum of Virginia.

SkyWatch at the Science Museum of VA (10/15/99)
Setting up in Bryan Park for a SkyWatch. (2008)
(Note the moon, as seen through my telescope, on the screen to the right.)
Saturn Saturn & Moons

I took these 2 photos of Saturn through UVA's 30" telescope on top
of Fan Mountain on 10/27/00. In the left photo you can see the slight
color bands on the planet and breaks between the rings. The right
photo shows 4 of Saturn's moons.
(These photos were taken by holding a digital camera up to the telescope's eye piece.)
On Saturday, May 2, 1998, the Science Museum held its yearly Astronomy Day.
Some pictures of RAS member exhibits.
Visit some other RAS member sites: Susan's site, Jim's site, Sam's CCD site
Visit Richmond's movie palace The Byrd Theatre 2908 West Cary St.
(There are many beautiful photos of the Byrd on this site.) << Updated Weekly
Visit the Richmond Civil War Round Table Home Page RCWRT << Updated Monthly
Richmond hosted, in August of 1998, NSA Convention'98
There are many 3D photos of Richmond listed under "Convention Tours Information"
( National Stereoscopic Association is a national 3D picture organization.)
The 4th of July in Ashland, VA, USA, Center of the Universe
Coming annually for 3 days starting the 3rd Friday of every September. A Field Day of the Past
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