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Byrd Theatre by Eliza B. Askin
The Byrd Theatre
2908 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA, 23221
Recent movies are shown nightly with matinees on Saturday & Sunday.
Bob Gulledge plays the Mighty Wurlitzer every Saturday night before the evening shows.

Photo from our commissioned post card
Interior of the Byrd Theatre (above - current photo)
Note the organ console in the raised position, the grand piano in the alcove
is connected to and played by the organist
from the organ console.

The Byrd
Celebrating the Byrd Theatre

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Byrd Theatre Movie Line: (804) 353-9911

The Byrd Theatre Foundation

  In an effort to insure the continued vitality of the     
  Byrd as a movie theatre and entertainment venue the      
  Byrd Foundation, a not-for-profit 501 3 (c) entity,      
  has purchased the building and business and continues    
  the operation via a separate company, 1928 Limited Inc.  

The Byrd Foundation can be reached via E-mail at:
By phone:  Tony Pelling at (804) 342-9100
By FAX:  (804) 355-8756

Byrd FAQ
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More Byrd Photos
Facts about the Byrd
Article: A Grand Old House
Things Unique to the Byrd
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Photos of the Byrd Organ
Specifications of the Byrd Organ
About Wurlitzer Theatre Organs
Updated Technical will be coming soon (the new Dolby Digital Sound System)
Technical: The Byrd's Projection Booth up to 2004
Technical: Projection & Sound Systems up to 2004

Typical live Saturday night show (below)
See and experience our live show every Saturday night before the 7:15 & 9:30 shows.
Hear our house organist, Bob Gulledge, play the Byrd's Mighty Wurlitzer.
Short version, 15 seconds, 373KB .WAV file Full version, 1 minute, 1.2MB .WAV file

(Recorded on 1/23/98 - in stereo)

Bob can be E-mailed at:
Some other theatre and organ related links:
Theatre Historical Society, ATOS, Theatre Organ Home Page

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E-mail the Byrd General Manager, Todd Schall-Vess:
For tech talk E-mail the Byrd Head Projectionist, Bill Enos:
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