Outfront 5/6/00
The Byrd Theatre (5/6/00)

the wait to get in
The wait - note the waiting line to the right (going out of site & around the corner) as the earlier show lets out.

Walking into the lobby you are greeted by the smell of freshly popping corn under oil on canvas paintings.

The lobby with the 2nd floor wrap-around mezzanine .

Looking up into the mezzanine.

Mezzanine - Lobby
Panorama photo of the mezzanine opening onto the lobby.

Mezzanine - piano
The mezzanine with its stained glass windows and grand player piano.

Looking into the lobby from beside the piano.

Looking over the lobby back into the mezzanine.

Looking out through the west mezzanine entrance.
(Note one of the many oil on canvas murals to the left.)

Better view of the mural above.

Before each movie ads are shown using one of only 3 working original 1928 Brenograph multi-purpose projectors in the world. These 9"x 8" glass slides are shown by hand alternating between the top & bottom projectors. (See the Byrd Booth.) The screen is adjusted to the middle or "flat" size (1:1.85). Our Cinemascope screen is almost 20 feet wider. (1:2.35)

Before each Saturday night movie there is a 10 minute organ concert and light show.

House organist Bob Gulledge at the console.

Typical Saturday finale.

Console & Harp
In the alcove to the right is a Wurlitzer harp standing on the wood marimba.

Bob - practice Bob - concert
Bob practicing for one of his Saturday night concerts - Playing the concert

Piano Bob
Featuring the piano up in the left alcove

Bob at Console
A Saturday night concert as seen from the balcony

Full Stage
The stage with the front curtain and screen up and the speakers rolled off

Organ Concert
Watermelon Festival Organ Concert - Lin Lunde at the console

Private Concert
A private concert with wall lighting up

Spots in use
3 arc spot lights in use, in this photo the Brenograph doubles as 2.

Back ou house
Looking from the ochestra pit up to the projection booth and balcony ceiling. The 250 amber lamps are on. There can be up to 1000 bulbs in 4 circuits in these fixtures! (You can only see part of these fixtures in this photo.)

West House panorama
A panorama view of the west side of the house.
(Made up of 3 photos - you will have to scroll left to right to see it all.)