Recent & Current Events at the Byrd

Christmas Movie
Tradition Continues "It's A Wonderful Life" Dec 24 at 7;15pm
Dec 25 at 7:15 & 9:30 - Bob Gulledge at the Mighty Wurlitzer on the 25th
Christmas Night 2002
At the Byrd in June, 2002
Steve Bennett, Tommy Emmanuel
(Note: This was not a Byrd Theatre production.)

Held at the Byrd - March 22-24, 2002
VCU French Film Festival

Tickets available before the day of the shows through VCU.
Tickets will be available at the Byrd box office days of the shows only.

(Note: This was not a Byrd Theatre production.)

We had our fish!
One of the 200+ sculptured fish around Richmond through October 2001.
(It was located in front of the boxoffice on Cary Street.)
The theme of the fish is Main Street Film & Animation's 25th Anniversary. 
The film scales on the fish is actual footage from commercials we've done 
for Hardees and Erlanger hospital. 

The images are as follows; 

The little girl is from a Christian Children's Fund commercial shot in the 

The Circus picture is from a show just completed for Ringling Bros. & Barnum 
and Bailey's Video Program Book.  This can be purchased at the circus next 
year or on Ringling's website. 

Thalhimers is from one of the many Christmas campaigns from years past. 

The George Washington picture is from The Making of The Constitution film, 
which was shown on A&E. 

The cartoon character is called "Ozone Guy".  He is a 3D animated character 
for the Indianapolis Clean Air Campaign. 

Millions is from a bank campaign shot last year downtown for the Independent 
Community Bankers Association. 

The 20's looking picture is from a commercial for Fulton Bank showing people 
outside of a bank during the stock market crash.  What's ironic is that it's 
shot in front of our building which used to be a bank that suffered due to 
the actual stock market crash. 

The 70's picture was done for Carolina Telephone in the 70's.  That's why 
it's so groovy.

The VCU French Festival was held at the Byrd
Friday, March 30 - Sunday, April 1, 2001
Special Features
There were 11 feature & 8 short films. All 12 shows had at least 500+
people in attendance. 2 of the features were world premiers!
(Click on image above for more information from VCU)
French flags fly over the Byrd Promotion for a Film
French flags fly over the Byrd ......... Promotion for one of the films

From Memorial Day to the 4th of July we have patriotic music and
sing-a-longs every Saturday night before each movie (very popular).

Bob 24

Flag + Song 30

Bob + Song 29

Bob 23

Liberty 40
The pattern around the Liberty's face is made by a mirror ball and extends out into the theatre.
Blowing Flag 25
This flag is blown by a fan turned on at just the right moment.
Fireworks 26

A first for the Byrd - This year we had fireworks at the end of Stars and Stripes Forever
on Saturday, July 1, 2000 (shown above as they faded away...)

10 11
13 14


Before the movie "The Sixth Sense" on Saturday night, 3/17/2000, Gary Land joined Bob at the Mighty Wurlitzer to sing "Danny Boy"
00000025.jpg 00000030.jpg
After his solo he lead the large crowd in a sing-a-long "When Irish Eyes are Similing" and
"I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover"
It took about 2 years to talk Gary, a manager at the New York Deli 2 doors west of the Byrd, into singing one Saturday night for our two 10 minute productions. This was such a success with our audience, I'm sure we will hear him again - soon.

Thanks Gary...

Noted Byrd Theatre Organist, Eddie Weaver passed away, 1/27/2000