If you would like to suggest a midnight movie, E-mail us at: byrdmidnight@aol.com (Note: Some titles we would like to get but are unavailable at this time.)

Past Midnight Movies at the Byrd 2001-2003

Saturday Midnight Movie Series for 2003

Midnight Movies 5/24-6/19/03

Byrd Midnight Features for 3/29/03 - 5/17/03
	Saturday Midnight ONLY March 29 - VCU French Film Festival
	Saturday Midnight ONLY April 5  - The Doors
	Saturday Midnight ONLY April 12 - Bram Stokers' Dracula
	Saturday Midnight ONLY April 19 - Easy Rider
	Saturday Midnight ONLY April 26 - Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams
	Saturday Midnight ONLY May 3    - Mallrats
	Saturday Midnight ONLY May 10   - Scarface
	Saturday Midnight ONLY May 17   - Office Space

Midnight Movies

Midnight Movies

Saturday Midnight Movie Series for 2002

November 9 - Office Space
   "	16 - American History X
   "	23 - Boogie Nights
   "	30 - Heathers

December 7 - The Matrix
   "	14 - Christmas Story

September 14 - Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail
   "	  21 - Neverending Story
   "	  28 - Shrek

October    5 - Princess Bride
   "	  12 - Fight Club
   "	  19 - The Goonies
   "	  26 - The Dark Side Of Oz
   "	  26 >> Dress up it's Halloween night at the Byrd on this night <<

November   2 - The Exorcist
   "	   2 >> Dress up it's Halloween night at the Byrd on this night <<
   "	   9 - Office Space

Midnight Movies

Midnight Movies 7/27-8/31/02

Midnight Movies 6/8-27/02

3/2/02-Airplane!, 3/9/02-Naked Gun,
3/16/02-Tommy Boy, 3/23/02-VCU French Film Festival,
3/30/02-Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark,
4/6/02-Thrillbillies-(locally produced),
4/13/02-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,
4/20/02-Pee Wee's Big Adventure, 4/27/02-Dark Side of OZ
5/4/02-Full Metal Jacket, 5/11/02-Dragonslayer
5/18/02-Sleepy Hollow, 5/25/02-Teen Wolf, 6/1/02-Evil Dead II

Saturday Midnight Movie Series for 2001

Due to the large number of people that could not get into the
first performance, we repeated performances of
"The Dark Side of Oz" in 2002.
Saturday, 10/20/2001 Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
Saturday, 10/27/2001 the silent film:
"The Cabinent of Dr. Calagari" accompanied by the Ululating Mummies
The Cabinent of Dr. Calagari Dark side of Oz
Saturday, 11/3/2001 a special presentation of "The Dark Side of Oz"
(The Wizard of Oz with the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack)

4 Special Features played the Byrd at MIDNIGHT
February 17, February 24, March 3, & March 10, 2001
Special Features
(Bob played the organ before "House of Wax")

This year the Byrd's Holloween Special was the silent movie NOSFERATU
with the Ululating Mummies providing the music and sound effects.
Poster (9)

Ticket (11)
Movie (40)

To perform the music and sound effects many devices were used
in addition to the Byrd's Mighty Wurlitzer

Pitt (53)