The Byrd's Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

Console 1 Console 3
The console, where it all begins.
Console 2 Console 4

Most of the Organ is located on the 4th floor above the stage in 4 rooms.
The pipes are located in the middle 2 rooms.
Organ specifications (stop list)

The Solo Chamber (right side facing the stage)
solo1 solo2
The boards behind the pipes are 8-10' tall 6-8" wide and at least 5" thick. These overlapping boards actually pivot to open up allowing the sound out into the sound shute an down into the theatre. The pipes play at full volume all the time thus this "wall" is used to control the sound level as needed. Each shutter board opens individually.
Trumpet Toy Counter 1
Located in the Solo Chamber are such pipe ranks as the Trumpet, Post Horn (one of the loudest stops Wurlitzer ever made), and the Toy Counter (real percussion instruments).
Toy Counter 2 Toy Counter 3
Located on the back of the Toy Counter is a full set of cathedral chimes.

Main Chamber (left side facing the stage)
One of the smallest pipes (pencil size) in the organ can be seen in the photo below.
(left photo, left of center)
main2 main3
In the Main Chamber are ranks such as the Tuba and Diaphone. Some of these pipes are so long that they wrap around such as the tuba or go up to the ceiling and make a 90 degree turn.
(Lower part of some tuba pipes, below left and diaphone below right - note the size of these wooden pipes.)
Tuba Diaphone

Pipes 3D
This is a 3D view in the Main Chamber.
Instructions for viewing 3D photos. (use your "Back" button to return to this page)

Relay 1 Relay 2
The far left room over the stage is the "relay room". These relays are really an electro-pneumatic computer programed at the "setter boards" in the back of the console and the stop tabs located around the keyboards. This allows the organist to play many pipes by pressing a single key.
Relay 3 Blower
Air pressure is supplied by this 15 horse power blower. (right)
(Note: the pulley on the back of the motor drives a 10 VDC generator mounted on the floor just out of site. A rectifier is used today but the generator still works.)
There is a smaller blower in the basement used to supply vacuum for the piano in the left alcove.

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