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"Minstrel Music & the Civil War Soldier" by Al Neale 7:30pm, Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at the First Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA.,
4602 Cary Street Road, 23226. A parking lot is available behind the church with an entrance off the parking lot to the right and up a few steps into the DINING HALL on the left. Al is a history educator and historical musician. He has a Master's Degree in American Government from the University of Maryland and worked for Virginia history museums for sixteen years. For thirteen of those years, Al served as manager of education and visitor services at Pamplin Historical Park and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier. He currently teaches history classes for the VCU Road Scholar Program and professional recertification courses for teachers at Richard Bland College. In addition, he conducts historical music programs for educational organizations. Al performs historical music on over twenty musical instruments. (Al will present "Minstrel Music & the Civil War Soldier." This will not be a musical performance. It will be a discussion with visuals and musical examples of the popular culture of the common soldier.) Meeting Attendance for December: 64 NOTE: Please put on your NAME BADGE on when you arrive for the meeting. (They will be on a table near the back or side of the room.)
Message from Our President Looking forward: Thank you for allowing me to serve the RCWRT as president for the upcoming year. I welcome Elaine and Rob to the team. Bill Welsch, our immediate past president, will be the new member of the Board while Bert Dunkerly will be departing. Personally and as a group we have been fortunate to have had Bert serve as a Board Member for the past year having been our president the year before. He's a quiet behind the scenes get it done NPS fellow and has been very helpful to me along my way (see below). Fortunately, we have an excellent remaining Board just in case some of you haven't seen what they've accomplished. I've drawn many helpful benefits from them already and hope to continue that relationship but the Round Table itself will benefit the most from their efforts. Gary Cowardin, Richard Grosse, to be relieved by Art Wingo, and Sandy Parker have been around longer than any of the upcoming officers and provide the depth of knowledge needed for the day to day operation of such an organization. They have diligently provided the continuity needed for survival in a group like ours. Our outgoing president Bill Welsch in addition to being a great guy on call to me throughout my time with the Round Table sharing his good will, humor and vast knowledge, has been the right guy for the right job. More difficult than you know, facing a financial reckoning Bill and the Board have implemented measures relieving us from an October surprise. Good job. Good leadership all around. A hard act to follow but we'll try. Already, Elaine Duckworth is in full swing with a fine list of speakers, Rob Monroe following close behind. We'll do our best for you. Looking back: While the official one hundredth year of the National Park Service is just finishing up I want to sing their praises one more time. We have a number of those guys in our Roundtable as well as outside, all good friends of our organization. They are helpful to us in so many ways. My personal experience is that they are always on call with helpful information and suggestions, and.last minute speakers. They are professional and dedicated and we're fortunate to be able to work closely with them on our common interest. Thanks again guys wherever you are. We're going to have a great year. Share the fun and recruit a friend to join you. Troy
Below is the list of officers elected for 2017: President: Troy Arnold First V.P. Elaine Duckworth Second V.P. Rob Monroe Treasurer: Art Wingo Secretary: Sandy Parker Newsletter/Editor/Webmaster: Gary Cowardin These three former Round Table Presidents, as elected by the membership comprise the remainder of the Executive Committee for 2017. Dan Balfour, Bobby Krick, Jack Mountcastle
New 2017 Membership and Information Form At the December meeting a new simplified dues structure was voted in with less options. Using the link below open the .pdf file print and fill it out then either bring it to the meeting along with payment or mail it to Sandy @: Sandy Parker, RCWRT Secretary 2425 Falkirk Drive North Chesterfield, VA 23236 2017 Membership and Members Contact Information .pdf Form
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