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"General John Pegram C.S.A." by Dr. Walter S. Griggs Jr. 7:30pm, Tuesday, February 14, 2017, at the First Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA.,
4602 Cary Street Road, 23226. A parking lot is available behind the church with an entrance off the parking lot to the right and up a few steps into the DINING HALL on the left. Walter is an Emeritus Professor who taught law and honors history at VCU for 45 years. He holds a master's degree from the University of Richmond, a juris doctorate from the University of Richmond School of Law and a doctorate from the College of William and Mary. Dr. Griggs has written several books published by the History Press: The Collapse of Richmond's Church Hill Tunnel, The Hidden History of Richmond, and World War II Richmond, Virginia as well as a book about General John Pegram, C.S.A. for the Virginia Civil War Battles and Leaders Series published by H.E. Howard. He has also written books on the Civil War, fire departments, and was awarded the Jefferson Davis Medal for his Civil War books and articles. Dr. Griggs is married to the former Frances Pitchford, a retired English teacher and librarian who edits and proofs his work. He is also fortunate to have a daughter, Cara, who is a reference archivist for the Library of Virginia. Walter Griggs and his family live in Richmond, Virginia. Meeting Attendance for January: 0 (no meeting due to snow) NOTE: Please put on your NAME BADGE on when you arrive for the meeting. (They will be on a table near the back or side of the room.)
Message from Our President WELCOME TO 2017! This may (or may not!) be our first meeting of the 2017 session for the Roundtable! I can't even remember when we've had to cancel a meeting on account of weather. I didn't want to be the first to do so and was in full favor of having the meeting. Then I talked to ten of our members Monday night. Nine of them told me they were not going out on Tuesday because of their driveway or local street condition so, for potential damage reasons I bit the bullet and bailed. Late the next day (Tuesday) I went to post a sign at the church and all the way there I noticed driveways and little used streets covered in slush. Two blocks west of the church I watched as a Suburban turned north off of Cary Street, promptly turned sideways and continued down the road sideways! He did a fine job making it unscathed all the way to the bottom of the incline sliding sideways. I felt better about the call but I still don't like to miss a meeting. Sorry. To my knowledge we suffered no membership harm. Speaking of the weather, remember, if you have to fight it's usually better to do so in warmer weather. We're used to reviewing battles occurring in good weather, too hot if anything. But just imagine having to wage war in these cold and wet days. It's dark early and you can get cold through and through very quickly. In that regard picture yourself 153 years ago this month about a mile west of our meeting place either with or opposing Dahlgren. It's dark, wet, cold and you're fighting for your life as well as your Cause. Had we been in our FPC building we would certainly have heard the commotion during what was remembered as a horrible winter period. Both sides suffered. We want to remember and support the sacrifices of all those good soldiers and that is why we meet as we do. Let's not forget them. I'm sorry we missed our time last month. Troy
New 2017 Membership Dues and Information Form due by April 1 (A late fee of $25 will take place after April 1. Dues postmarked April 2 or later must include a $25 late fee in addition to membership dues.) At the December meeting a new simplified dues structure was voted in with less options. Using the link below open the .pdf file print and fill it out then either bring it to the meeting along with payment or mail it to Sandy @: Sandy Parker, RCWRT Secretary 2425 Falkirk Drive North Chesterfield, VA 23236 2017 Membership and Members Contact Information .pdf Form Payments can be made at the February or March meetings.
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Eighteenth Annual Civil War Seminar: Leadership in the Civil War Saturday, 18 February, Longwood University and the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park continue their sponsorship of the annual seminar on the Civil War. The seminar is free and open to the public, and continues to feature the latest scholarship and publications on the Civil War. @ Jarman Auditorium, Longwood University, Farmville, VA 23909 For more info goto:
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