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"Cavalry Charge at Third Winchester" by Prof. Jonathan A. Noyalas, Director of Shenandoah University's McCormick Civil War Institute 7:30pm, Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at the First Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA.,
4602 Cary Street Road, 23226. A parking lot is available behind the church with an entrance off the parking lot to the right and up a few steps into the DINING HALL on the left. Jonathan is the author or editor of eleven books on Civil War era history. Additionally, he has authored more than 100 articles, essays, chapters and reviews for a variety of scholarly and popular publications including Civil War History, Civil War Times, America's Civil War, Hallowed Ground, Civil War Monitor, Blue & Gray and Civil War News. He is also the founding editor of Journal of the Shenandoah Valley During the Civil War Era--published annually by the McCormick Civil War Institute. In addition to teaching and writing Prof. Noyalas has consulted on a variety of projects with organizations including the Civil War Trust, National Park Service, National Geographic and the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation and has appeared on NPR's "With Good Reason" and C-SPAN's American History TV. Noyalas is the recipient of numerous awards for his teaching, scholarship and service including the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a professor in the Old Dominion--that State Council for Higher Education in Virginia's Outstanding Faculty Award. Meeting Attendance for May: 57 NOTE: Please put on your NAME BADGE on when you arrive for the meeting. (They will be on a table near the back or side of the room.)
Message from Our President Dear Members, This past Memorial Day weekend I visited historic Culpeper and the Graffiti House for the first time, a fitting destination for a holiday dedicated to the remembrance of soldiers who died while serving in the armed forces. If you've never been to these places, I highly recommend them for a day trip. I learned how General J.E.B. Stuart mourned the loss of 24 year old Major John Pelham who was fatally wounded on March 17th, 1863 at Kelly's Ford. Stuart wrote to Pelham's mother, "I loved him as a brother, he was so noble, so chivalrous, so pure in heart, so beloved." A few months later, early on the morning of June 9th, 1863, 9500 of J.E.B. Stuart's cavalrymen were suprised by more than 10,000 Federals at the Battle of Brandy Station, where they fought in the bloodiest calvary battle in the Civil War (and in all of North America). It was a bit surreal to walk through the rooms of the Graffiti House and gaze upon writing and artwork soldiers from both armies left on its walls 155 years ago. Another stop on my Culpepr road trip was Salem Church. After our presentation at last month's meeting, I took a renewed interest in the bronze marker erected at Salem Church by the UDC in 1927. The marker reads: "Battle of Salem Church of May 3,4 1865 fought by Lee and Hooker Concluded the Chancellorsville Campaign. Here the followers of Lee in imperishable bronze respond to the noble sentiment of the followers of Grant and pay highest tribute to the patriotism of both." This recognition of the sacrifices and suffering of soldiers in both armies of the Civil War is especially poignant. Our 1st Vice President, Rob Monroe, and 2nd Vice President, Doug Crenshaw, have been doing an outstanding job for the Richmond Civil War Round Table. Their hard work behind the scenes provides us with the educational presentations that spur us on to learn more about the Civil War. Thank them when you are able and stay tuned for the announcement of our rescheduled annual field trip. On May 8th, the Executive Committee approved some changes to the RCWRT Constitution. These changes will be announced in the July newsletter. We look forward to seeing you at our June meeting when we'll turn our focus to the fascinating topic of 3rd Winchester. As I have done in the past, I'll leave you with a link to the American Battlefield Trust's overview of Third Winchester. I'll listen with heightened interest to the presentation about the Battle of Opequon Creek because my great-grandfather, Moses T. Duckworth, was there with Sheridan's Eighth Corps. Elaine Editor's Note: Back on June 6, 2009 we visited the Graffiti House and Brandy Station see photos here in this RCWRT newsletter:072009.htm
RCWRT 2018 Field Trip - Update The bus trip will be rescheduled for late August or early September. If you would like to retain your reservation you don't need to do anything. If you would like to have your check returned, please let me know by this coming Friday and I will get it to you at the next business meeting. Doug Crenshaw 1737 Wilmington Ave. Richmond 23228 Questions? E-mail:
2018 Membership and Information Form We want to welcome new member Susan Polich. (joining the RCWRT in June 2018) 2018 RCWRT membership dues were collected through April 1. Dues postmarked after April 1 are considered late. A $25 late fee will be added to individual and couple memberships. $60 = individual and $70 = couple membership. Using the link below open the .pdf file print and fill it out then either bring it to the meeting along with payment or mail it to Sandy @: Sandy Parker, RCWRT Secretary 2425 Falkirk Drive North Chesterfield, VA 23236 2018 Membership and Members Contact Information .pdf Form (Click the link above and the .pdf form should open ready for printing.) New members are welcome throughout the year. A one time initiation fee of $25 is added to the $35 individual or $45 couple membership dues. Please follow the instructions on the members form on the RCWRT website.
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