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August 2010 -
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August 2010 Program Dick Sommers "Fury at Fort Harrison" 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 10, 2010, at the First Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA., 4602 Cary Street Road, 23226 A parking lot is available behind the church with an entrance off the parking lot to the left and down a few stairs. (see map below) Richard J. Sommers, Ph.D. is the Senior Historian at the US Army Heritage and Education Center, Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA. Dick has special interest in the US Civil War, US military history, amd military history in general. He is a member of the Southern Historical Assn, Society of Civil War Historians, Civil War Preservation Trust, and the Harrisburg Civil War Round Table. A few of his many, many publications are "Land Operations in Virginia in 1864: The Tightening Noose," Virginia At War, 1864, Kentucky, 2009; "Stonewall Jackson," "George G. Meade," and "William T. Sherman," and The Art of War: Great Commanders of the Modern World, Quercus (Vol. II), 2009. John Coski tells me Dick Sommers is best known for his Richmond Redeemed.
Our New Meeting Location It is less than 2 miles from the old one. See map below with a line from the old location to the new. New Meeting Location Map Our meeting location from now on will be the First Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA., 4602 Cary Street Road, 23226. A parking lot is available behind the church. The door is off the parking lot to the left with steps down into the meeting room. (An elevator is available through the main doors to right off the parking lot.) NOTE: Please put on your NEW NAME BADGE on when you arrive for the meeting. (They will be near or on the raffle table.) 2010 Meeting Attendance: July = ~68
Civil War Preservation Trust The Department of the Interior is seeking citizen input for the "America's Great Outdoors" initiative - a program designed to promote land conservation and reconnect all Americans to our rich outdoor heritage. You can learn more about this exciting proposal through the Department of the Interior's website: The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) has proposed that battlefield preservation be a key element of this outstanding conservation initiative. For more than a year, CWPT has encouraged senior administration officials to use this opportunity to commit resources for preservation of the nation's remaining unprotected battlefield land as a lasting legacy of the Civil War Sesquicentennial (2011-2015). If you have not already done so, we ask that you please take a few moments to express your support for the protection of our nation's endangered Civil War battlegrounds. Making your voice heard is easy - just take a few moments to provide feedback at the America's Great Outdoors website: For more CWPT information:
Book Report Roll Call To Destiny: The Soldiers Eye View of Civil War Battles By Brent Nosworthy Brent Nosworthy's Roll Call To Destiny, by his own description is a collection of short stories that attempts to flesh out the three branches of the army. Describing micro infantry, artillery and cavalry engagements that took place as part of larger battles he attempts to link small unit narratives with pre-war tactical doctrine. Also included are three tactical observations by the author outlining the impact and use of the rifled musket, bayonet and cavalry saber. The individual unit engagements took place in various battles almost all of which occurred in the early to mid point of the war. There are nine short stories generally told from a northern perspective: five infantry, two artillery and two cavalry. Two of these stories involve forts, one successfully taken and the other not. Included are three of what the author terms tactical observations with an interesting introductory chapter on weapons and warfare. Of importance is the author's contention that Jomini's doctrine of linear formations was the preeminent doctrine used by senior leaders north and south even though this doctrine was not taught until 1859 at West Point1. Doctrine was a function of the organization of the armies as defined by their respective congresses and the prevalent use of field manuals such as the prewar Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics and Mahan's A Complete Treatise on Field Fortifications. Generalship and tactics displayed by many of the senior leaders is a result of what they as junior officers saw, learned and experienced during the Mexican war and applied as senior officers. They modified, adapted and codified variations in established doctrine and tactics over time to meet the needs of their individual commands and the exigency of war. Roll Call To Destiny is research that could not be used in previously published works and rather than let this material sit idly by Mr. Nosworthy collected and polished it. The prose flows well and is easily read but he ventures into the realm of making tactical observations without the full weight of thorough research therefore his conclusions are not well supported, wholly accurate or complete. Roll Call To Destiny is generally interesting to read and the period maps, though difficult to study given the small scale, are very good. The hardcover edition currently retails for $23.89 at ISBN 10: 0-7867-1747-5
For additional report information about this book click here. Book Report by, Jim Seguin
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U of R offers September Bus Trip to Harpers Ferry and Antietam September 12-13, see last month's newsletter for the details.
Visit The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar and their Events Calendar
Visit The Museum of the Confederacy Online
Pamplin Historical Park and The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier and their Special Events Calendar
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