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Doug Crenshaw, President            Gary Cowardin, Editor    
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Mechanicsville, VA 23111            Richmond, VA 23227-3735           

Message from Our President
The Board has been monitoring the Covid situation carefully in the hope that we might be able to meet again soon. At this time, that is neither advisable nor possible. The church has quite rightly restricted the attendance at meetings, and so we cannot assemble there for the time being. We also have cancelled the November banquet for reasons I am sure you can understand. Let's hope next year is much better! In the meantime, Andy Keller has proposed a motion that was overwhelmingly passed by the Board. It reads as follows: 1. No membership renewal dues for 2021 shall be due until 31 days after the membership has physically met to discuss and approve a motion as to the amount of those dues. 2. At the same meeting the membership will elect the officers and Directors for 2021. 3. If any vacancies occur on the Board, the president may appoint someone to act in that capacity until a meeting is held and an election is possible. I hope this letter might answer any questions that you might have. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, or any other Board member. We look forward to meeting with all of you again as soon as we can. Doug

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