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November 2008
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November 2008 PROGRAM Dr. Edward L. Ayres "Aftermath" Annual Dinner Meeting Thursday, November 13, 2008 Jepson Alumni Center at University of Richmond 6:00 Social Hour, 7:00 Dinner, 8:00 Speaker We often focus on the way that the Civil War began and was fought. We have not thought as much about the ways it ended. In his presentation at our annual dinner meeting on November 13, University of Richmond President Edward L. Ayers will evoke the challenges faced by an array of Americans in the immediate aftermath of the war, showing how these individuals attempted to rebuild their lives. Dr. Ayers assumed the UR presidency in July 2007. He was previously dean of arts and sciences at the University of Virginia, where he began teaching in 1980. A historian of the American South, Dr. Ayers has written and edited ten books. The Promise of the New South: Life After Reconstruction was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in 1992. In the Presence of Mine Enemies: War in the Heart of America 1859-1863 won the 2003 Bancroft Prize for distinguished writing in American history and the Beveridge Prize for the best book in English on the history of the Americas since 1942. Dr. Ayers also is the creator of a large digital history project, "The Valley of the Shadow Project: Two Communities in the American Civil War." It was named the best aid to the teaching of history from the American Historical Association in 2002.
Amendments to RCWRT Constitution The Executive Committee recommends a series of amendments to the Richmond Civil War Round Table Constitution. The entire text of the revised Constitution appears below with amendments blue & in italics. All of the amendments are intended to make the Constitution consistent with the organization's actual practices and policies, especially correcting the date of the meeting and defining the categories of membership, the composition of the Executive Committee, the duties of officers, and the payments of dues. The Constitution of the Richmond Civil War Round Table Amended October 9, 1980 Amended December 9, 2008 ARTICLE I - NAME The name of this organization shall be: THE RICHMOND CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE. ARTICLE II - PURPOSES To discuss the events, customs, military actions and other activities pertaining to the War Between the States (1861 - 1865). To encourage and stimulate interest in the objectives of all agencies interested in the preservation and protection of the landmarks, earthworks, relics and collections of data pertinent to the above period for use by the general public. ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP Section 1: There shall be five (5) classes of membership composed of persons of either sex who (excepting those in category "d" below) have reached the age of eighteen: a. Resident b. Non-resident c. Senior d. Student e. Sustaining [International category eliminated; subsumed into "non-resident"] Resident members shall be persons whose place of residence shall be within fifty (50) miles of the limits of the City of Richmond, Virginia. [number limit eliminated] Non-resident members shall be persons whose place of residence shall be beyond fifty (50) miles of the City of Richmond, Virginia. Senior members shall be at least 65 years old and have been RCWRT members for ten (10) or more years. Student members shall be thirteen (13) years old or older and enrolled as full-time students. Sustaining members Section 2: By three-fourths (3/4) vote of members present at any regular business meeting, The Richmond Civil War Round Table may elect to Life Honorary membership any persons who have made outstanding contributions to the knowledge and/or advancement of the Civil War period. There shall be no more than ten (10) Life Honorary members at any given time. Section 3: The secretary shall receive and process applications for all membership categories. ARTICLE IV - OFFICERS AND GOVERNMENT Section 1: The officers of The Richmond Civil War Round Table shall be: a. President, who shall preside over general and special meetings b. First Vice-President, who shall act also as Program Chairman c. Second Vice-President, who shall act as Chairman of Field Trips and arrange the following year's programs d. Secretary, who shall maintain records of membership and dues e. Treasurer, who shall collect and deposit revenues, pay expenses, and report on finances f. Newsletter editor, who shall (with such assistance as required) write, edit, compose, and disseminate the newsletter g. Webmaster, who shall maintain and update the organization's website These officers shall be duly elected at the annual meeting and shall serve for the term of one (1) year. These officers shall be chosen from and by members in good standing. Section 2: The duties of the officers shall be those described generally in Section 1 above and more specifically in position descriptions. Section 3: The above-mentioned officers, the immediate Past President and three Past Presidents to be designated by vote of the membership at the annual meeting shall compose an Executive Committee which is empowered to transact any business of this organization except the election of officers and of the Executive Committee and the establishment of dues and initiation fees. Said committee may recommend policy and program for ratification of the membership. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. Section 4: the term of officers and committees shall be from January 1 through December 31 or until their successors are elected. ARTICLE V - MEETINGS Section 1: the members shall meet once a year in the month of December at a business meeting; hereafter, called the Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting shall be for the purpose of presenting the annual reports, budgets, fixing of the dues and the election of officers. Section 2: The regular monthly meetings of this organization shall be on the second Tuesday of each month. Section 3: Robert's Newly Revised Rules of Order shall govern all matters before this organization where not otherwise specified. ARTICLE VI - DUES Section 1: Each member of The Richmond Civil War Round Table shall pay to the Treasurer the amount voted by the membership at the annual meeting as the year's rate of dues, on or before the 15th day of March of each year. [eliminated clause specifying fraction of regular dues for husband and wife, student, and non-resident members] Section 2: Members, who are sixty (60) days delinquent in their payment of dues, shall be automatically dropped and shall be treated as new applicants should they desire to return to membership. ARTICLE VII - INITIATION FEE All new members to The Richmond Civil War Round Table shall pay an Initiation Fee and pro rata dues for the year. Initiation Fee shall be paid only once. ARTICLE VIII - COMMITTEES Section 1: The Executive Committee (described in Article IV, Section 3 above) shall also constitute the Nominating Committee and shall solicit recommendations of candidates for offices from the membership and recommend at the Annual Meeting a slate of officers. Section 2: Other committees may be named by the President. No such committee shall serve longer than the end of the year; although, this shall not prevent their re-appointment. ARTICLE IX - GUESTS Any member in good standing may bring a reasonable number of guests to any regular business meeting of this organization. No guest may attend more than two (2) meetings without applying for membership. Special meetings and social functions may restrict attendance of guests by action of the membership and/or Executive Committee. ARTICLE X - AMENDMENTS Amendments may be made to this Constitution by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a duly called business meeting, provided that each member has a copy of the proposed amendment sent to his address of record by the Secretary together with a call for said meeting at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.
Editor's note: Obviously this is not your typical newsletter. However, with these changes being the first amendments to the RCWRT's Constitution in 28 years, we felt it our obligation to present them to all our members. Look for a more traditional newsletter next month. Thank you.
RCWRT Monthly Speakers for 2008
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