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Movie Review
"Gods and Generals"
A movie produced and directed
by Ronald Maxwell, based on the book
Jeff Shaara

Reviewed by Joe Childress
"You're going to love this movie", said Dr.  Mark  Snell  at
the   February  Richmond  Civil  War  Round  Table  meeting.
Although most of the published reviews I have read disagree,
I have seen the film; and I second Dr.  Snell's endorsement.
This is the Civil War movie that we've waited for.          

Historically the film adheres closely to actual  events  and
dialogue.   But  more  than  that,  peoples'  attitudes  are
sympathetically (and accurately)  portrayed.   This  is  the
main  area  of  the professional movie reviewers' complaint:
they don't like the facts!  For example,  Lee's  loyalty  to
his  state  and  family  are  presented  as paramount in his
decision to align himself with the Confederacy.             

From  the  standpoint  of   cinematography   the   film   is
beautifully shot on location in Virginia, Maryland, and West
Virginia.  The character development of the  principals  may
be  inadequate  for  those who have limited knowledge of the
Civil War, but Round Table members will find the  portrayals
on  target,  especially  Stonewall Jackson, the movie's main
focus.  The score is well suited to the action and, to me at
least, is reminiscent of "Carmina Burana".                  

One  minor  flaw  is  that  many of the actors are obviously
older than their characters.  Falling into this category  is
Robert  Duvall  as  R.E.   Lee.  Nevertheless, Duvall does a
"majestic" job (to quote Michael Wilmington in  the  Chicago
Tribune),  conveying  Lee's  dignity  and  authority that is
infinitely superior to Martin Sheen's execrable  performance
in "Gettysburg".                                            

Although  the film is almost four hours long, I'm anxious to
see the six-hour version promised for DVD release later this

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