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RCWRT Speakers for the Year 2003
January 14 - Dr. Nelson D. Lankford
"Richmond Burning"
February 11 - Mark A. Snell

"Major General William B. Franklin"
March 11 - Barton Campbell

"The Museum of the Confederacy"
April 8 - DeAnne Blanton

They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers of the Civil War"
May 13 - Ervin L. Jordan, Jr.

"History's Heretics:
Afro-Confederates and the American Civil War"
June 10 - Chris Calkins

"Saving Petersburg's Battlefields"
July 8 - Dave Smith

"They Didn't Like Each Other Much:
Joseph E. Johnston and John C. Pemberton at Vicksburg"
August 12 - Clint Johnson

"Bulls' Eyes and Misfires:
Fifty People Whose Obscure Efforts Shaped the American Civil War"
September 9 - Steve Davis

"Why John Bell Hood Has Gotten a Bum Rap for the Fall of Atlanta"
October 14 - Larry Hewitt

"The Confederacy's Best Chance for Victory:
Robert E. Lee and the Battle of Annihilation"
November 11 - Robert K. Krick

"The Confederate Pattons"
December 9 - Dana B. Shoaf

"The Odyssey of a Field Officer"
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